American found in his garage a Jackson Pollock painting for $ 15 million

American found in his garage a Jackson Pollock painting for $ 15 million MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. A lost painting by a famous American artist and ideologue of the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock discovered in the USA and can be sold for $ 15 million, according to CNN. Nameless Jackson Pollock painting was discovered in January 2016 in one of the garages of the city of Scottsdale (Arizona). The garage owner was preparing to move, and a neighbor helped him dismantle the old stuff, among which was found a picture. Into place there arrived the owner of one of the auction houses Josh Levin. First, he assessed the finding of only 300 dollars, but after a more detailed analysis revealed that the cost of painting can be thousands of times more. A rare Jackson Pollock painting found in an Arizona garage could be worth $15 million

Singapore airport voted best in the world

Singapore airport voted best in the world Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU Changi Airport in Singapore was voted the best in the world by the end of the study, conducted by AirHelp. Second place in the list of the 76 airports have occupied the international airport of Munich, the third — Hong Kong, said in a press release AirHelp. All three airports received 10 out of 10 points for the quality of services. Also having regard to the timeliness of the sending and receiving of flights and analysis of more than 130 million messages posted by passengers from airports in the social network Twitter. Publication of Jasmin Dennis (@trainerjasmin) Jun 12 2017 3:32 PDT Changi airport in Singapore Publication of Alle Nahdi (@allenahdi) Jun 12 2017 at 7:40 am PDT Changi airport in Singapore Publication from ?? 蔡美雲 ?? (@amico_leo) Jun 13 2017 at 6:40 PDT Changi airport in Singapore

In the network appeared the only video of a real fight Bruce Lee

In the network appeared the only video of a real fight Bruce Lee MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. The network has published the only video of a real fight Bruce Lee according to the rules of mixed martial arts (MMA). Rare recording posted on the YouTube channel Bruce Lee Central. According to the Daily Mail, a partner in the duel was the student of masters Ted Wong, who still teaches martial arts in the United States. The footage was taken at the California school of Jeet kun-Do, founded by Bruce Lee. In comments to the video says that both fighters are in protective gear and gloves in accordance with the rules of MMA. However, it is emphasized that Bruce Lee chose to fight with “bare hands”. In two days the video has received nearly seven million views.

Russian foreign Minister: relations between Russia and Canada have caused serious damage

Photo: RIA Novosti The Russian foreign Ministry noted the serious deterioration of Russian-canadian relations because of the position of Ottawa, but hope to improve it in the future. “Unfortunately, in recent years the government of Canada, contrary to common sense, has gone the way of the destruction of accumulated positive, flattering Russophobic sentiments and introducing against Russia unjustified sanctions. As a result of disrupted many communication channels, relations between the two countries suffered serious damage,” – said in comments the Russian foreign Ministry on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Canada. However, it is noted in the comment, “we look to the future with optimism. Russia and Canada are neighbours across the North pole. We objectively many common interests, including cooperation in the Arctic development, trade and investment sphere, in the fight against terrorism. Has great prospects for the development of interregional relations,

In Russia increased the number of patriots

Photo: RIA Novosti As of June 2017 consider themselves patriots 78% of Russians, according to a survey by the public opinion Foundation (FOM). While in 2006 the figure was only 57%, reported on the website FOM. Not consider themselves patriots 16% (in March 2017 was 17%, in 2006 – 30%). Often consider themselves patriots, people with income of 20 thousand roubles, middle age (31-45 years), with higher education and residents of the SFD. The most unpatriotic those who are dissatisfied with the work of President Vladimir Putin who have no income or very low (less than 8 thousand) who have secondary education and below, and the inhabitants of the Ural Federal district. Nothing wrong to publicly call themselves patriots, sees 59% of Russians, and 35% believe that the demonstration of their patriotism – it is “ugly”. According to respondents, a patriot of his country may not be the person who

The DPRK was suspected of taking photographs of a South Korean PRO drone

North Korea allegedly took a picture of us missile defense THAAD, stationed in South Korea, with the help of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). About it reports The South China Morning Post. The military found inside the drone Sony camera and a few hundred photos THAAD missile installations and radar installations constructed in the city of Jeonju. In addition, the footage also was captured urban areas, farmland and other areas of the country. As the newspaper notes, the drones used by Pyongyang only a few years: they were first discovered only in 2014. “We’ll figure out a way to deal with North Korean UAV”, — said an unnamed employee of the South Korean General staff.

China came in first place for childhood obesity

In China, the largest number of children suffering from obesity, 15 million. To such conclusions came as a result of a study conducted by the University of Washington, the Associated Press reports. In second place India, there is excessive weight revealed that the 14 million children. Recently in China, Brazil and Indonesia three times increased the number of adolescents and children experiencing problems with excess weight. According to the Agency, everything in the world obese and more than 107 million children and adults 603 million. In 2015, the United States ranked first in obesity among adults. Problems with excess weight from the 79 million adult citizens of the United States and 57 million Chinese. May 17, researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the Guangzhou has linked childhood obesity in China from the bad influence of grandparents. In 2016, it was

28-year-old woman with a kitchen cleaver killed 83-year-old roommate from the suburbs

The inhabitant of the Tver region detained on suspicion in murder of 83-year-old man. On Tuesday, June 13, the Agency “Moscow” have informed in the Main investigatory management of the TFR in the Moscow region. The body of a man with multiple wounds was found in a private house near Moscow Volokolamsk. Upon murder criminal case was brought. “On suspicion in Commission of crime it is detained 28-the summer inhabitant of the Tver region”, — said the Agency. According to investigators, the murder occurred on the evening of June 11. Presumably, the suspect, being in an alcohol intoxication, quarreled with the victim. As a result of the conflict, she struck his face, neck and hands with a knife and a kitchen hatchet for meat cutting. The man died at the scene. The investigation Committee added that in order to conceal the crime, the woman beheaded killed and dumped body parts

Opposition leader Yashin was given 15 days for disobedience at the rally in Moscow

Ilya Yashin The Tver court of Moscow has appointed 15 days of administrative arrest oppositionist Ilya Yashin for disobeying police during an unsanctioned protest rally on Tverskaya street of the capital. About it reports on Tuesday, June 13, “Interfax”. “Recognize Yashin guilty of an offence under part 1 of article 19.3 of the administrative code”, — announced the verdict of the judge. According to the oppositionist, he was arrested on June 12 “three minutes after the exit of the subway”. “No slogans I shouted, illegal acts did not commit. I stood on the curb near the building of “Izvestia” and just watched what happens,” he said. One of the detained police Yashin said the opposition, “standing on a bed, was in a group of persons prevented the passage of citizens”. Earlier Tuesday, opposition activist mark Galperin also received 15 days for disobeying a police. Before it became known that the

Teacher of Kabardino-Balkaria accused of homosexual pedophilia

Physical education teacher one of the schools of Kabardino-Balkaria became the figurant of two criminal cases. He was accused that he “engaged in sexual intercourse with the young students,” writes with reference to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee. It is noted that an intimate relationship with 46-year-old teacher, resident of the village of Kakhun, with the students took place from April 2013 to September 2015. Sex took place in the basement of the educational institutions in the city of Nartkala. As specified on the website of the public Prosecutor, criminal cases are being investigated under part 2 of article 134 of the criminal code (“Sodomy with a person under the age of sixteen”) and part 1 of article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Dissolute actions concerning the persons who have not attained the age of sixteen”). On June 7 the Prosecutor supported the investigator’s