China came in first place for childhood obesity

In China, the largest number of children suffering from obesity, 15 million. To such conclusions came as a result of a study conducted by the University of Washington, the Associated Press reports. In second place India, there is excessive weight revealed that the 14 million children.

Recently in China, Brazil and Indonesia three times increased the number of adolescents and children experiencing problems with excess weight.

According to the Agency, everything in the world obese and more than 107 million children and adults 603 million. In 2015, the United States ranked first in obesity among adults. Problems with excess weight from the 79 million adult citizens of the United States and 57 million Chinese.

May 17, researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the Guangzhou has linked childhood obesity in China from the bad influence of grandparents.

In 2016, it was reported that the proportion of Chinese children are obese, reached 17.2 percent of boys and 9.11 percent in girls.