In Russia increased the number of patriots


RIA Novosti

As of June 2017 consider themselves patriots 78% of Russians, according to a survey by the public opinion Foundation (FOM). While in 2006 the figure was only 57%, reported on the website FOM.

Not consider themselves patriots 16% (in March 2017 was 17%, in 2006 – 30%).

Often consider themselves patriots, people with income of 20 thousand roubles, middle age (31-45 years), with higher education and residents of the SFD.

The most unpatriotic those who are dissatisfied with the work of President Vladimir Putin who have no income or very low (less than 8 thousand) who have secondary education and below, and the inhabitants of the Ural Federal district.

Nothing wrong to publicly call themselves patriots, sees 59% of Russians, and 35% believe that the demonstration of their patriotism – it is “ugly”.

According to respondents, a patriot of his country may not be the person who is indifferent to their nature (so say 73% of respondents), tries to avoid service in the army (68%) do not know the history of the country (65%), leaves to work abroad (48%).

Almost three quarters, 71% of respondents believe that to be or not to be a patriot – a private matter, not an obligation.