China invited Russia to participate in the project space station

China invited Russia to participate in the project space station LE BOURGET, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. China invited Russia’s Roscosmos to participate in the project of the Chinese space station (CSS), the decision of Russia on this issue is still pending, said Monday the head of state Corporation “Rosatom” Igor Komarov. “They offered, we exchange proposals for participation in projects, but they have a different inclination, and other orbit several different plans. While the arrangements and plans in the future, there is nothing concrete,” said Komarov reporters during the air show at Paris Le Bourget. As stated by RIA Novosti Director of the Department of international cooperation China national space administration (CNSА) Xu Yansun, KKS construction is scheduled for completion by 2022, the project will be available for cooperation and can become international.

Losing identity. Is there a future for Russian folk arts and traditional arts?

Losing identity. Is there a future for Russian folk arts and traditional arts? Folk arts and crafts and traditional arts that have survived wars, revolution, Soviet power and perestroika in the new Russia was on the brink of extinction: the production is falling from year to year, sales are not growing, the number of practitioners is steadily declining. From the sad fate of a unique industry could be saved only by a miracle. And it looks like it could happen. As was bent Russian identity and why St. Petersburg businessman Anton has a chance to stay in the memory of many generations of craftsmen, find out the “Spark”. And says: for 25 years, our “basis of the original national culture” (defines folk art in its documents, the Ministry of industry and trade) quietly dying…. Tragic notes in the head of the Association can be understood: the volume of production from

Booking made a rating of cities of Russia with the most delicious food

Booking made a rating of cities of Russia with the most delicious food Moscow and St. Petersburg was not included in the ranking of the top 10 cities with the best food in Russia. The rating was compiled based on feedback from Russian users and online booking service hotels “The rating was headed by the Vladivostok, is known for fresh seafood and pan-Asian cuisines. Second place went to Suzdal — the birthplace of the famous Suzdal Mead, and the third — Kostroma, where visitors can try traditional Russian cheeses and a selection of homemade snacks,” — said in One of the ten best cities for gastronomic tourism in Russia has also included Pskov, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Adler and Gelendzhik. According 75% of travelers say that when choosing a vacation spot are guided by the delicious local cuisine. Especially popular among gastronomic tourism countries in Asia

Putin: Moscow ready to ensure that Russia will cooperate with Europe

Photo: RIA Novosti In connection with the death of the famous German politician Helmut Kohl, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled the words that he spoke about the relationship between Russia and Europe, RIA Novosti reported. According to the Russian leader, Since at the time talked about the fact that, in order “to preserve our civilization in this turbulent and fast-changing world with the growing centers of power, and power is not only military but also economic, cultural,” Europe and Russia should be together. “I fully agree with him. You know our position, it is that we are ready, we need to be ready, our partners, get rid of phobias of the past”, — said the Russian President. Putin also expressed regret that not all of what he talked with the MCPFE realized. “But I am absolutely sure that his analysis is correct and on the European, Eurasian, you might say,

Putin spoke about the impact nick on his political views

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the impact of ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl on his political views, reports RIA “Novosti”. “I’ve known him since the early 1990-ies, were extensively present during his conversation with the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, he invited him to his residence — the German government then was still in Bonn. And then there were several meetings and we have met in various capacities, I was the first conversation made a very strong impression — very strong,” said Putin.NT. Putin admitted that the views of Kohl on the future relations between Russia and Germany, Russia and Europe really affected him. “They not only made a great impression on me, but also to some extent significantly changed my own perspective on these processes. I saw a very deep and thorough in their judgments of the person”, — said Putin. Earlier, Prime Minister

American, asked Putin to “straight line”, praised the President’s response

Photo: screenshot U.S. citizen Jeremy Bowling, who asked during the “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin about his attitude to Russophobia in America, told how decided to ask the question and how did you react to the response of the head of Russia, reports REN TV. “I sent your question to the page “Vkontakte” with the President, then I asked my friends to help me, and then they began to spread videos on the Internet, preliminary having made translation into Russian” – he said, noting that he was amazed that “it worked”. “What advice would you have given me to help my fellow Americans to understand that Russia is not the enemy?”, he wanted to know. Putin responded that Russia does not consider USA as an enemy, and Russophobia in America is the result of the political struggle. “I know the mood of our people, and we do not

Media reported about the rescue of a downed coalition pilot USA aircraft of the Syrian air force

Of the Syrian government forces rescued Colonel Ali Fahed the pilot of the fighter-bomber su-22 Syrian air force shot down the international coalition forces led by the United States. This was announced on Monday, June 19, the source RIA Novosti. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, soldier “is in the hospital and his life is not in danger.” As noted, Ali Fahed found about 30 kilometers South of the city of raqqa. The rescue operation was complicated by the proximity of the landing site to the pilot positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Previously it was known that the fighter pilot ejected, but his fate is not reported. The evening of 18 June, the Ministry of defense of Syria said that the plane, the air force was shot down near Raqqa during the execution of combat missions against is militants. The coalition led

For nuclear power plants “Bugey” in France a fire broke out

NPP “Bugey” At a nuclear power plant in the town of Bugey, located 35 kilometers from Lyon, the fire started. It is reported by Franceinfo. The fire broke out on the roof of one of the units, which in 2015 is being repaired. At the scene working fire brigades. Reports of injuries and no injuries were reported. However, the operator has introduced a plan of activities in emergency situations: from potentially hazardous areas was launched the plant personnel, about the incident informed the local authorities and the Office for nuclear security of the country. On specialists, to monitor the situation in real time. According energy, radiation leaks. 9 February at a nuclear power plant in the French town of Haubourdin (Basse-Normandie region, North-West of the country) in the engine room of one of the units exploded, then the fire started. Reactor area received no damage. Injured five employees. The administration

The name ran over the crowd at the London mosque attacker

The attacker, sending the van into a crowd at a mosque in London, was 47-year-old Darren Osborne, transfers TV channel Sky News, citing its sources. At the place of residence of Osborne, in the heart of Cardiff is being searched. According to police, the man acted alone. Previously, he was not known to the intelligence services. Neighbors Osborne said that, in their opinion, it is a normal family man. “He has children, he lives in the neighborhood. He seemed polite and pleasant.” On June 19 the van made arrival on the people in the mosque Finsbury Park. In the result one person died, 10 were injured, 8 of them hospitalized. Witnesses said that the perpetrator shouted, “I’m going to kill Muslims”. He was arrested at the scene. The police regard crime as a terrorist attack. Prime Minister Theresa may has condemned the crime.

OP started a new part replacement plastic flowers for real

Albina Dudarev Public chamber (OP) Russia is the sixth composition in a sign of the fight against environmental problems on the first day of its work, decided to replace the plastic plants in the building for real. About it reports RIA Novosti “Problems of interaction between nature and man, we have a lot. No wonder that 2017 is the year of ecology (…). First sentence today, I have to start from our house where we often sit, and replace all the plastic trees… for real” — said the Chairman of Commission OP on ecology and environmental protection Albina Dudarev. The idea was approved by a majority of those present. Dudareva invited the chamber members to bring their own flowers and care for them. Earlier, on 19 June it was reported that the Secretary of the Public chamber of the sixth convocation was elected, the journalist Valery Fadeev. Composition OP was