OP started a new part replacement plastic flowers for real

Albina Dudarev

Public chamber (OP) Russia is the sixth composition in a sign of the fight against environmental problems on the first day of its work, decided to replace the plastic plants in the building for real. About it reports RIA Novosti

“Problems of interaction between nature and man, we have a lot. No wonder that 2017 is the year of ecology (…). First sentence today, I have to start from our house where we often sit, and replace all the plastic trees… for real” — said the Chairman of Commission OP on ecology and environmental protection Albina Dudarev.

The idea was approved by a majority of those present. Dudareva invited the chamber members to bring their own flowers and care for them.

Earlier, on 19 June it was reported that the Secretary of the Public chamber of the sixth convocation was elected, the journalist Valery Fadeev. Composition OP was formed in three stages. Initially 40 members of the chamber were approved by the decree of the President of Russia, 84 were nominated from the regional public chambers, and 43 were selected from members of public organizations.