The name ran over the crowd at the London mosque attacker

The attacker, sending the van into a crowd at a mosque in London, was 47-year-old Darren Osborne, transfers TV channel Sky News, citing its sources.

At the place of residence of Osborne, in the heart of Cardiff is being searched. According to police, the man acted alone. Previously, he was not known to the intelligence services.

Neighbors Osborne said that, in their opinion, it is a normal family man. “He has children, he lives in the neighborhood. He seemed polite and pleasant.”

On June 19 the van made arrival on the people in the mosque Finsbury Park. In the result one person died, 10 were injured, 8 of them hospitalized.

Witnesses said that the perpetrator shouted, “I’m going to kill Muslims”. He was arrested at the scene. The police regard crime as a terrorist attack. Prime Minister Theresa may has condemned the crime.