For nuclear power plants “Bugey” in France a fire broke out

NPP “Bugey”

At a nuclear power plant in the town of Bugey, located 35 kilometers from Lyon, the fire started. It is reported by Franceinfo.

The fire broke out on the roof of one of the units, which in 2015 is being repaired. At the scene working fire brigades.

Reports of injuries and no injuries were reported. However, the operator has introduced a plan of activities in emergency situations: from potentially hazardous areas was launched the plant personnel, about the incident informed the local authorities and the Office for nuclear security of the country.

On specialists, to monitor the situation in real time. According energy, radiation leaks.

9 February at a nuclear power plant in the French town of Haubourdin (Basse-Normandie region, North-West of the country) in the engine room of one of the units exploded, then the fire started. Reactor area received no damage. Injured five employees.

The administration did not enact a contingency plan in case of accident, as the threat of radioactive contamination was absent.