Trump admitted the possibility of “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump admits the possibility that Russia and “potentially other countries” interfere in the American elections. About it as transfers RIA Novosti, at a press briefing said, responding to a question, White house spokesman Sean Spicer. “Russia and potentially other countries could be involved,” he said. Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election with the help of hackers. American journalists and officials asserted that they allegedly kidnapped the correspondence Democrats, later posted online, and tried to penetrate into the electronic system of counting of votes. Moscow denies such accusations. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that the mysterious hackers could be based in the United States.

In the state Duma urged not to give Kiev the battalion commander DND

The detainee in the Crimea the commander of the DNI Vadim Pogodin should not be subject to extradition to Ukraine. So says the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Belik, reports RIA Novosti. “Give the countryman because he was defending his homeland, is unacceptable, especially in light of today’s relations with Ukraine,” said Belik. According to the MP, he wrote an open letter to the head of the MIA of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev and asked to understand the situation. Earlier Facebook user John Semenov announced the arrest in Crimea, Pogodin, who in 2014 was in command of a battalion of militia “Kerch” and, upon request, Ukraine was in the international wanted list of Interpol. “In Yalta, Republic of Crimea, on 20 June 2017 at the request of Ukraine to Interpol, Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is detained, and the legendary commander of the

The Russian military and the leadership of Latakia agreed to cease-fire

Photo: © RIA Novosti / Dmitry Vinogradov The command group of Russian forces in Syria and the leadership of Latakia province signed the agreement on cease-fire, the first such level, said the officer of the Russian centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Alexander Vorontsov. According to him, such a document with such a large territorial unit of the Republic as a province, the Russian military approved the first time. Previously, such contracts were signed only with individual settlements. Vorontsov also said that the Russian military from the center of reconciliation provided residents latakiya the village of al-Cherkesia food. “The inhabitants of the mountain village of al-Cherkesia we brought 350 sets of foods, each of them — rice, flour, sugar, canned meat and tea,” he told reporters in the process of transferring to farmers of humanitarian assistance. During the distribution of food kits in the school yard of

Representatives from 32 Japanese companies and agencies will visit the island of Kunashir

Photo: © RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnouhov Representatives from 32 Japanese companies and government agencies will visit Kunashiri and other Islands of the South Kuril Islands in the expert group, which will have to explore the possibilities for joint economic activities between the two countries on the Islands, told broadcaster NHK. The group, which will go to the Islands on July 27 for five days, includes employees of the foreign Ministry, the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, as well as private business representatives of the tourist and fishing industry, health-care and construction. The delegation will be headed by the special assistant to the Prime Minister of Japan eiichi Hasegawa. The group will begin the visit to Kunashir island, and then visit all of the plan objects, which are recognized as promising for joint economic activity, agreement on which was reached during the visit to Japan of the President of

20 years the book about Harry Potter. Would you be able to study at Hogwarts?

20 years the book about Harry Potter. Would you be able to study at Hogwarts? 20 years ago was published the first edition of “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. If you’re a fan of the story about the boy who lived, the child definitely wanted to get a letter from Hogwarts. A dream come true! Will you be able to study at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

More than 45 thousand Ukrainians took advantage of a visa-free regime with the EU for two weeks

More than 45 thousand Ukrainians took advantage of a visa-free regime with the EU for two weeks Moscow. June 26. INTERFAX.RU — SINCE the introduction of European Union countries visa-free travel for citizens of Ukraine to June 25, more than 45 thousand Ukrainians crossed the border with biometric passport, according to the press service of the state border service of Ukraine. “Traveling to Europe without visas 15.7 thousands of people have used air transport. Others went by rail or cross the border at road border crossings, most of which are on the border with Poland (16.3 thousand citizens of Ukraine) and Hungary (6.4 thousand citizens of Ukraine). The statistical increase of citizens which, in bezveza were sent to European countries were recorded during the weekend”, — stated in the information. In addition, according to the Ukrainian frontier Department, since the introduction of visa-free travel to cross the border is denied

The Raven for two months violated the postal service in Vancouver

The Raven for two months violated the postal service in Vancouver Branch of the Canadian postal service (Canada Post) in Vancouver has stopped the delivery of parcels and letters in one of the Eastern districts of the city due to the crow attack on the postman. About this Facebook said Sean Bergman (Shawn Bergman), who looks after the poultry and leads from her face page on the social network. According to the man in the incident, which occurred two months ago, the postal worker has received numerous small wounds. “He [Raven] made a run-in with the mailman and got him. When I learned this, I felt terrible. But I understand that this behavior is associated with breeding season,” wrote Bergman. “He’s just protecting her nest, it is instinct,” explained a resident of Vancouver. According to him, he began to receive threats — bird named Kanak (Canuck) threatened to kill. The

The speaker praised the discipline in the South Korean Parliament

Vyacheslav Volodin Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin praised the discipline in the South Korean Parliament, that he met on Monday, June 26, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. In advance of the meeting speakers from 26 countries of Eurasia, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Volodin showed the meeting room of the local deputies. He said that deputies may vote for a law in person — the attorney in the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea does not recognize. “To us this is still far away,” — said the speaker of the state Duma. To identify truants help journalists who, unlike Russia, can participate directly in the session hall of the Parliament, said the newspaper. Chairman of the state Duma, in turn, noted that the parliamentary correspondents complained about the need to work from the press center. In the beginning of its work the state Duma of the seventh convocation has

In the Neva caught a body missing a few days ago 13-year-old

In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the fact of death on the water 13-year-old boy. About the Agency RIA Novosti reported on Monday, June 26, at the city head office of the Investigative Committee of Russia. A criminal case was opened under part 1 of article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”). The defendants in this yet, the investigators find out all the circumstances of the tragedy. As reports of the Fifth channel, the body of a missing student was found in the Neva river on Monday afternoon. According to 13-year-old Dmitry Bogdanov went missing on June 22. He was last seen in the Nevsky district of the city. In March, two teenagers fell through the ice on the pond Izhora in St. Petersburg. It was later found their bodies.

Under Stavropol in an accident with a bus injured 7 people

In the result of collision of a minibus with a truck in the Stavropol region injured seven people, including a child. About it RIA Novosti on Monday, June 26, said a source in emergency services of the region. According to him, the incident occurred in the Shpakovsky district, on 26-th kilometer of Federal highway “Kavkaz”, two kilometers South of the village of Tatarka. Victims are hospitalized in city clinical hospital No. 4, Stavropol. The Agency said that five people are in serious condition. Two more, including a child, were injured medium and light severity. In regional management of traffic police said that just at the time of the car accident in “gazelles” there were 10 people, the bus moved on a route “uchkeken — Stavropol”. According to passengers, the driver before the collision with KAMAZ could blind the light of the setting sun, added the Agency. Sunday, June 25 on