The Raven for two months violated the postal service in Vancouver

The Raven for two months violated the postal service in Vancouver

Branch of the Canadian postal service (Canada Post) in Vancouver has stopped the delivery of parcels and letters in one of the Eastern districts of the city due to the crow attack on the postman. About this Facebook said Sean Bergman (Shawn Bergman), who looks after the poultry and leads from her face page on the social network.

According to the man in the incident, which occurred two months ago, the postal worker has received numerous small wounds. “He [Raven] made a run-in with the mailman and got him. When I learned this, I felt terrible. But I understand that this behavior is associated with breeding season,” wrote Bergman. “He’s just protecting her nest, it is instinct,” explained a resident of Vancouver.

According to him, he began to receive threats — bird named Kanak (Canuck) threatened to kill.

The man tried to find a solution to facilitate recovery of the postal service in that part of town, which is home to 13 people (including Bergman). He was associated with the representation of Canada Post, offering assistance in ensuring the safety of workers. Exactly out of concern for their employees, judging by the response, given the Global News, a failure in the delivery of mail is still not resolved.

It is noted that the man wanted to give the postman “a small, lightweight umbrella which will serve as a shield” from the birds.

Bergman stated that “the canadian mail was defeated by Raven.”

“I hope that my words will reach the right people who really will not be indifferent to the situation until it was too late,” he wrote.

Writes Global News, Kanak appeared in the news in January 2016 he rode in the train’s light rail system, and in may of the same year made a mess on cordoned off the scene of the crime (he, in particular, tore the police tape and there were scattered various items).

Crow have a dedicated page in Facebook more than 57 thousand subscribers.

Vancouver based hockey club, “Vancouver Canucks”, which plays in the North American National hockey League.