Sands with members of the “Straight line” carried out the organizational meeting, but not the rehearsal

“Straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 14 April 2016 © Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the participants of the TV program “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” really hold preliminary meetings of an organizational nature, but they are not a rehearsal of a conversation with the President. So he commented on a message to RBC that the organizers gathered the guests in the suburban boarding house “Petrovo-Dalnee” and were instructed how to behave during a live broadcast.

Putin will answer questions of Russians live on the 15th “Straight line”

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 15-th time will be released on the “Straight line” with Russians. Among the main topics of conversation with the President in 2017 can become a social and domestic issues, the economic situation in the country. According to the press-Secretary of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, international issues is not so much a concern of the citizens, so the list of the most common complaints they are “not even on the tenth place.” In direct contact with Putin “Straight line” will air at 12:00 Moscow time on TV channels First, “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

Friend with albinism from Australia became famous in the network

Friend with albinism from Australia became famous in the network Living in Melbourne (Australia) girlfriend with albinism has gained popularity in the social network Instagram after he started to page. For more updates in the account of the girls followed more than five thousand users. According to the Daily Mail, 12-year-old Sammy Makombe (Sammy McCombe) and 14-year-old Lucy carpenter (Lucy Carpenter) oculocutaneous suffer from albinism. The girls became friends after he visited the camp six years ago. Publication from Lucy & Sammy (@lucy_and_sammy) 9 May 2017 11:27 PDT According to them, people often ask them questions related to their poor eyesight or color of the skin and hair. “I was called four eyes, the Ghost and even compared to animals,” said Lucy. Publication from Lucy & Sammy (@lucy_and_sammy) May 5 2017 6:44 PDT Despite the challenges Australian women face when dealing with people and in school, they accept what they

In new York on 20 thousand bees blocked the entrance to the skyscraper

In new York on 20 thousand bees blocked the entrance to the skyscraper In the new York, Manhattan (USA) 20 thousand bees stuck to the wall at the entrance to the building Vox Media. Video of the incident published on the page on the social network Facebook news site Verge Science Wednesday, June 14. The video has been viewed more than 154 thousand times. According to the publication, the bees followed their Queen, who was looking for a new place to live because of prevailing in the new York heat. Arrived beekeepers who put insects in a box. It is known that in 2010 in new York city are allowed to breed bees. Residents are engaged in beekeeping on the roofs of their houses for the sake of earnings, and several hives are located in battery Park (Manhattan).

Died Anita Pallenberg, Muse The Rolling Stones

Died Anita Pallenberg, Muse The Rolling Stones Model and actress Anita Pallenberg, who became famous for his romantic relationships with members of the band the Rolling Stones, has died at the age of 73. Her death was reported by Stella Schnabel, daughter of artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. “I’ve never met a woman like she is,” says Stella. “Rest in peace, my Roman mother,” she wrote on Instagram. Anita Pallenberg was born in Rome in 1944 in the German-Italian family. Her father, an ethnic German, was a salesman and an Amateur artist, and his mother worked as a Secretary in the German Embassy. Since childhood, Anita spoke four languages, and in his youth began her career as a model. Pallenberg, met with musicians from The Rolling Stones in 1965 in Munich where she worked as a model. She began an affair with Brian Jones, but after two years she left

British vets have saved a bloated hedgehog

British vets have saved a bloated hedgehog British vets have saved a hedgehog suffering from the so-called syndrome of the balloon. This publication reports Mashable. A resident of the English town of Doncaster, in the County of South Yorkshire, said on bloated hedgehog in the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. She thought the animal is pregnant, however, arrived on call inspector Companies Dransfield Sandra (Sandra Dransfield) immediately understood that he was dealing with a rare disease. A hedgehog blown up ‘like a beach ball’ was popped in a life-saving procedure via @mashable — Philip Shook (@macbeestje) 14 Jun 2017 In fact the animal is swollen because of the accumulated under his skin gas. “Of all cases of the syndrome of the balloon I’d seen, this one was the worst, says Dransfield. The poor man was almost two times bigger than its natural size.” The vets

Blogger Varlamov denied entry to Ukraine

Blogger Varlamov denied entry to Ukraine Moscow. June 14. INTERFAX.RU — the security Service of Ukraine forbade entry into Ukraine to Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov, reported the online edition of “Apostrophe” with reference to the response of the SBU. “According to part 3, article 13 of the law of Ukraine “On legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship”, the security Service of Ukraine made a decision on ban entry to Ukraine you provided in the request to the citizen of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the SBU response to a request for information “Apostrophes”, the photocopy of which was published on Wednesday. In response, the Ukrainian security services not specified how long the ban. “Apostrophe” asked the security Service of Ukraine with the question whether it had taken the decision to ban the entry of the citizen of the Russian Federation Ilya Varlamov, as he, from the point

For women in Russia are closed 456 professions. A truck driver, an assistant captain and the captain — about how they overcame this ban

For women in Russia are closed 456 professions. A truck driver, an assistant captain and the captain — about how they overcame this ban In Russia there is an official list of 456 occupations prohibited for women; it was adopted in 1974. The UN recognized the list discriminates against women, Ministry of labor promised to revise it. But for now, women are not supposed to work as a carpenter or a diver, to control the train, to be a member of deck and engine team on the ship, and also to drive a car with carrying capacity more than 2.5 tons. It is believed that these professions are too difficult and traumatic for women and can harm reproductive health. However, some women manage to make their take on this work, but they would have to apply to trade unions, human rights defenders or even UN — as, for example, made

Medvedev spoke out against proposals to enshrine in law the holding of primaries for parties

Photo: RIA Novosti Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev does not support the proposal to legislate the conduct of primaries for political parties. “This institution works. And in this case the institution is running on our party – “United Russia” do we Want other parties won the elections? I don’t. I hope you, too,” – said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with winners of the primaries of the party “United Russia” in North Ossetia. According to him, experience has shown that primaries have a positive impact on the outcome of the election for the party.

Sand: the problems of the Persian Gulf should be solved by diplomatic means

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia stands for establishing good relations with all the countries of the Persian Gulf, there arise problems need to be solved through political and diplomatic means, said on Tuesday the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “The Russian side is interested, as already mentioned by our President in building good relations with all the countries of the Persian Gulf and in maintaining peace and stability in the Persian Gulf, the settlement of all issues through political and diplomatic means. Including now, when this is required by the common task of combating international terrorism,” — said Peskov told reporters, answering a question about Russia’s position on the situation with Qatar. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt June 5, announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing Doha of supporting terrorist organizations and destabilize the situation in the middle East. Power Eastern Libya, Yemen and the Maldives, Mauritania,