Friend with albinism from Australia became famous in the network

Friend with albinism from Australia became famous in the network

Living in Melbourne (Australia) girlfriend with albinism has gained popularity in the social network Instagram after he started to page. For more updates in the account of the girls followed more than five thousand users.

According to the Daily Mail, 12-year-old Sammy Makombe (Sammy McCombe) and 14-year-old Lucy carpenter (Lucy Carpenter) oculocutaneous suffer from albinism. The girls became friends after he visited the camp six years ago.

Publication from Lucy & Sammy (@lucy_and_sammy) 9 May 2017 11:27 PDT

According to them, people often ask them questions related to their poor eyesight or color of the skin and hair. “I was called four eyes, the Ghost and even compared to animals,” said Lucy.

Publication from Lucy & Sammy (@lucy_and_sammy) May 5 2017 6:44 PDT

Despite the challenges Australian women face when dealing with people and in school, they accept what they are. Girls dedicated a page in the social network to their shared passion — fashion.

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In may it was reported that a resident of South Africa, who are bullied because of the color of her skin began to take part in a modeling shoot. 20-year-old Nontobeko Mboizi (Nontobeko Mbuyazi) suffers from albinism. Above it mocked on social media and leave offensive comments.