American, asked Putin to “straight line”, praised the President’s response



U.S. citizen Jeremy Bowling, who asked during the “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin about his attitude to Russophobia in America, told how decided to ask the question and how did you react to the response of the head of Russia, reports REN TV.

“I sent your question to the page “Vkontakte” with the President, then I asked my friends to help me, and then they began to spread videos on the Internet, preliminary having made translation into Russian” – he said, noting that he was amazed that “it worked”.

“What advice would you have given me to help my fellow Americans to understand that Russia is not the enemy?”, he wanted to know. Putin responded that Russia does not consider USA as an enemy, and Russophobia in America is the result of the political struggle. “I know the mood of our people, and we do not consider America as their enemy. Twice in history, we were United against their enemies. Russophobia – aggravating the situation of the political struggle in the United States. Councils will not give. We know that we have many friends in America. The hysteria in the media, however, affect the minds and moods of people. I hope that our relationship will come to normal, we are extremely interested”, – said the Russian President.

“I think it was a really great response from President Putin, I was not expecting any answer in principle, so I would be happy and surprised to anyone, so any answer is important for me,” said the American, noting a sense of humor Putin. He also stressed that considers it natural and open.

“Direct line” with President Putin was held on June 15.