American found in his garage a Jackson Pollock painting for $ 15 million

American found in his garage a Jackson Pollock painting for $ 15 million

MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. A lost painting by a famous American artist and ideologue of the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock discovered in the USA and can be sold for $ 15 million, according to CNN.

Nameless Jackson Pollock painting was discovered in January 2016 in one of the garages of the city of Scottsdale (Arizona). The garage owner was preparing to move, and a neighbor helped him dismantle the old stuff, among which was found a picture. Into place there arrived the owner of one of the auction houses Josh Levin. First, he assessed the finding of only 300 dollars, but after a more detailed analysis revealed that the cost of painting can be thousands of times more.

A rare Jackson Pollock painting found in an Arizona garage could be worth $15 million

— CNN (@CNN) June 13, 2017

Since the findings of the paintings and up to the present time Levin had established its authenticity, and also tried to find out, as the product was in the garage. As reported, the picture for many years was in the house chain smokers and so were badly damaged and required restoration. The recovery process works, which can take about two weeks, is estimated at 50 thousand dollars.

After restoration the painting will be exhibited at the auction, which will take place June 20. The initial price was 5 million dollars, but Levin expects the final price will be 10 to 15 million.

Paul Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is an American artist, ideologue and leader of abstract expressionism. Developed a method of “spreading” (drip painting), which is characterized by the creation of the painting by spraying onto the canvas colors. Pollock had a significant impact on the art of the second half of the twentieth century.