The defense Ministry will register a brand


RIA Novosti

The company “Voentorg” has filed an application to Rospatent for registration of brands “Polite bears”, “the army delicious” and “the Russians are coming,” said TASS in the press service of the company. Previously, the firm has patented the brand “Polite people” and “Tank biathlon”.

Internet-shop “Voentorg” you can already buy a box of sweets and t-shirts “Polite bears” in two colors. The press service did not specify how you intend to use the slogans “the army is delicious” and “Russian go”.

JSC “Voentorg” was created by order of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation in 2009. In addition to selling clothes and Souvenirs with symbols of the Russian army, the company has been catering the military, and in 2016 is the only supplier of the clothing service of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The phrase “the Russians are coming” was used extensively in the United States during the cold war to foment public sentiment against the Communists and socialists, as well as in the opposite end of irony maketitle, inflating the danger of the Soviet threat. The expression belongs to the first Secretary of defense James Forrestal.

In March 1949 Forrestal in connection with the mental disorder was removed from office and placed in the national naval medical center. In the hospital, the former Minister constantly repeated: “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. They are everywhere. I saw a Russian soldier…” on may 22, Forrestal jumped out of the window of his room on the 16th floor.