Dodon said about trying to embroil Moldova with Russia


RIA Novosti

Diplomatic scandal in relations between Moldova and Russia aim to provoke a new rupture of relations between the two countries, but they manage to get through it and become stronger, said the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, at the Saint Petersburg international economic forum.

“Very many (good relations and ties with Russia – ed.) do not like. Followed provocation, even in the last days. Diplomatic scandals, the expulsion of diplomats. I think that everyone understands what they want and sought to provoke a new rupture of relations with Russia. To prevent the President of Moldova in its endeavours. But I’m sure we’ll get through this and become stronger”, — said Igor Dodon.

Monday may 29, persona non grata was declared five Russian diplomats in Moldova. Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip stated that this decision was made based on information received from intelligence agencies. The decision of the Moldovan authorities received unflattering assessments on the part of the President Igor Dodon.

He called these actions “provocative” and urged Russian partners not to be impulsive. On Wednesday it became known about the response, which went to Russia – a persona non grata in the Russian Federation declared five Moldovan Embassy employee.

On Friday, the President of Moldova promised that “we will consistently defend their interests, to return strategic partnership, to strengthen the statehood of Moldova in conditions of neutrality, to unite the country and solve the Transnistrian problem.”