A resident of Izhevsk was walking down the street naked and went to the temple

The unknown woman in Izhevsk took a walk completely naked through the streets, and then went to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. An eyewitness account published in the community “Overheard EGGS” in “Vkontakte”.

“Passing by the bus stop in the centre opposite the train ticket office, shot the guy a cigarette and went to the Nevsky Cathedral, Smoking on the road. And went into the temple,” wrote the Izhevsk Andrey Oculist 2 June, attaching to post pictures.

He added that the guards and servants of the Church covered up the nakedness of a woman and called an ambulance. “Says undressed herself near the circus, because you danced,” said the Oculist.

In September 2015 a naked man wandered into the temple on the Kashira highway in Moscow. 26-year-old young man behaved calmly and did not commit any illegal actions. It gave the doctors from the team of emergency psychiatric care.

In July of the same year, a similar case happened in Perm. The local mosque called for the addict. Entering the courtyard, he began to undress while shouting “Allah is great!”. It took the ambulance too.