Putin spoke about his meeting with Flynn in 2015

Putin spoke about his meeting with Flynn in 2015

Vladimir Putin said that he “just talked” with Michael Flynn during their meeting in December 2015 in Moscow. Then the event took place, during which they sat at dinner.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with NBC said, how was the event in 2015, when he met with Michael Flynn. Less than a month he was an adviser to the us President for national security this year. However, in February resigned because he allegedly discussed with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak possible lifting of US sanctions against Russia.

Answering the question of the journalist of Megyn Kelly about meeting Flynn, Putin said “we have a more personal relationship than I have with Mr. Flynn. We met yesterday evening [at the interview], we worked all day together, and now we are once again holding a meeting.”

Putin said that he and Flynn really see in 2015 at the international conference “Information, politics, media: shaping a new world order” dedicated to the anniversary of the Russia Today TV channel. Politicians sat at the same table during the gala dinner.

“At the table next to me sat a gentleman. I delivered his speech. Then we talked about some other things, then I got up and left. And then I was told that this man worked in the security service. That’s all. I barely talked to him,” — said Putin.