French police have detained a dangerous robber Kalash

French police

Police in France have detained 33-the summer robber, Karim l, who a few months hiding from law enforcement. It is reported by newspaper Le Parisien. Dangerous criminals after an armed robbery in 2012 was known as the Kalash.

Then he and his accomplices attacked the house in which lived an elderly couple. The owner has fought back, opening fire with a hunting rifle. However, the raiders killed him, literally isrelative of Kalashnikovs.

The court sentenced Karim to 13 years in prison, but six months ago he was released, placing under judicial supervision. Since the killer was hiding from law enforcement.

On 2 June it became known about the arrest by the Italian carabinieri one of the bosses of a mafia clan Ndrangheta, Giuseppe Georgie. He was wanted for 23 years. On 22 March it was reported that the captured leader of the powerful clan Pelle-Vottari — Vottari Santo (Santo Vottari). 44-year-old gunman was listed in the list of the most dangerous criminals in Europe and was wanted by Europol. He was hiding from law enforcement for 10 years. His was sentenced in absentia to 30 years in prison for murder, grievous bodily harm and participation in a criminal organization.