Vice-Governor of Vladimir region have detained on suspicion in bribe

Vice-Governor of Vladimir region have detained on suspicion in bribe

The Deputy Governor of the Vladimir region Elena Mazanko detained and placed in a temporary detention facility. She is suspected of receiving a bribe of 3 million rubles.

The consequence detained the Vice-Governor of Vladimir region Elena, Masenko on suspicion in receiving a bribe. Told about this TASS the head of the region Svetlana Orlova.

Elena Mazanko on the outcome of the департамента

— TV MOMENT (@MIG_TV) March 16, 2016

Vice-Governor arrested for 72 hours. The court will make the decision on her arrest at the meeting on 6 June.

She is accused of bribery supposedly, 2014, at 1 million and 2 million RUB. Svetlana Olowalu Vladimir region

In her opinion, the arrest of the Deputy Governor is a “provocation”, and Mazanko “taken no bribes”.

Orlov suggested that the accusation of receiving bribes may be associated with the distribution of land in the Vladimir region.

“We last took the law according to which the distribution of land took on a regional level, and there was complete chaos when she Masenko] came. Large families were not provided with land, it was a mess with the property, we cleaned, and there interests are very large,” — said the Governor.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against Masenko under article “bribe reception in the large and especially large size” (item “C” of part 5, part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). The consequence considers that it has received a bribe of 3 million rubles for assistance to entrepreneurs in the state contract for the repair and delivery of furniture.

Local Agency “Томикс33” with reference to sources reports that the Department of property and land relations Vladimir region, which oversees Masenko, are searched.

The Agency says that in July last year, the Department held the auction on purchase of furniture totalling 1.89 million RUB.

Among other things, was bought a bed worth 344 thousand RUB, the mattress for 100 thousand rubles, as well as table lamp over 75,9 thousand RUB, the toilet brush cost 23 thousand rubles and other items of furniture and household. “Томикс33” reports that then the purchase was allegedly cancelled, but the regional authorities allegedly did not provide any evidence. Masenko, commenting on the situation, said it was “absolutely ordinary purchase”.

According to the website of the government of Vladimir region, Masenko also oversees financial control and management for socio-economic security.

In late may, was arrested by the Vice-Governor of Krasnodar region Yury Gritsenko. He is suspected of fraud. He was removed from office. Case Gritsenko engaged in the regional Department of the FSB.