Unknown red truck stole 10 tons of pork fat in Petersburg

St. Petersburg police is investigating the theft of 10 tons of pork fat from the territory of vegetable warehouse. About it reports on Sunday, June 4, GU MVD of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

A statement to the police on June 3 asked the representative of one of the commercial enterprises. According to him, an unknown attacker illegally seized on the basis of vegetable fat in the Kalinin district of the city. Do not pay for the goods, he fled the scene in a Volvo.

The guards are searching for the alleged offender. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

As the “Fontanka”, the owner believes that outstanding fat taken in Karelia. He said that the product was in a red Volvo wagon, which was accompanied by a silver Chevrolet Lacetti.

According to the publication, it was found that the truck is registered for 56-year-old St. Petersburg man, the machine wanted. It is also noted that criminal proceedings can be instituted under article “Fraud”.