MIA found no violation of the law to the facts of the investigation the FCO for Medvedev

MIA found no violation of the law to the facts of the investigation the FCO for Medvedev GU MVD in Moscow checked the facts from the investigation FBK Alexei Navalny “you do not Dimon” and found no violations of the law, — reads the response of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of interior on the request of the Deputy Valery Rashkin. This is the first response of law enforcement agencies on the merits of the request. No violations On behalf of the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia, GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow checked out complaints about possible illegal actions related to the transfer of immovable property “close to the Prime Minister” Fund “Soccerproject”. During the inspection, “violations of criminal and administrative law in the competence of internal Affairs bodies, is not installed,” — said in response, Deputy interior Minister Mikhail Vanichkin at the request of

Trump has supported the EU of the need “to bring Russia to account” for the Crimea

Trump has supported the EU of the need “to bring Russia to account” for the Crimea WASHINGTON, may 24 — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump assured Italy that the United States supports Europe that “Russia must be held accountable for actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine” and to enforce the Minsk agreement, the White house said after talks with the leader of the U.S. President and the Prime Minister of Italy. “President trump confirmed that transatlantic unity is to attract Russia to account for its actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and stressed the importance of persuading Russia to fulfill the commitments made under the terms of the Minsk agreements”, — said the press service of the White house. President trump arrived Tuesday in Rome, where he met with Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni and the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella. The US leader

McCain said that he would like to become President of the United States, but “life is unfair”

McCain said that he would like to become President of the United States, but “life is unfair” WASHINGTON, may 24. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. U.S. Senator John McCain (Republican from Arizona) would like to be President of the United States, but life, in his opinion, unjust, therefore he did not occupy the highest office. On this account he spoke on Tuesday on a talk show Late Night NBC TV. “I’d like to be President? Yes, — said the legislator. But life is unfair.” During the conversation with the lead he also touched on the aggressiveness of the Washington press. “We are actually in the middle of the madness of the media. A huge number of reporters, cameras, microphones waiting for you when you go to vote,” McCain said. He joked that “not a critic of the media”, but “hates them”. However, he admitted that sometimes gets into awkward situations because

Terrorism is attributed to a certain nationality is incorrect – Zakharova

Photo: TC “Star” The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova on radio Komsomolskaya Pravda said that we should not link terrorism with certain ethnic groups. So she answered the question about the possible introduction of the Russian Federation the visa regime with Central Asia, including in connection with the terrorist threat. She recalled that a suicide bomber About Jalilov, who had organized the explosion in St. Petersburg, was a native of Kyrgyzstan. With regard to the visa regime: it is an interdepartmental question. The Ministry of foreign Affairs can be the counterpart in such matters, but in our country such decisions are made collectively. But I stress that linking terrorism with certain ethnic groups is wrong. It is necessary to enhance the counter-terrorism struggle, strengthen international work. But in any case not to associate terrorism with any particular nationality, – said the official

Kozak: amendments of the Cabinet to the bill on the renovation ensure priority to the views of residents

Photo: RIA Novosti The amendments of the government of the Russian Federation to the bill on renovation in Moscow ensures the absolute priority of the views of residents in the decision on inclusion of the house in the program. This is stated in comments of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the government’s amendments to the bill on peculiarities of legal regulation in the sphere of housing renewal capital. “The government’s amendment to guarantee unconditional priority to the views of residents of the house in deciding on its inclusion in a program of renovation or exclusion from the program,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. Mortgage and inheritance In addition, according to Kozak, the amendments of the Cabinet of Ministers will settle issues related to mortgage and inheritance procedure. “The government amendments also clarifies the procedure of transfer of ownership of the dwelling, the issue of resettlement of citizens from the apartments,

Zakharova: the Ukraine needs to understand who hit the introduction of visas with Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti The Ukrainian authorities must understand for whom, in the first place, can strike the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. It is called “complete collapse” of everything that happens in Ukraine and the possible introduction of a visa regime, and in relation to the situation with the Russian language, with the economy, with its own people. “The introduction of visa regime — they need to understand who he hit in the first place”, — said Zakharov. According to her, Russian tourists who come to Ukraine, not so much. “But how many people who come from Ukraine to Russia to work, who come to visit their relatives, to solve some personal issues — that is, of course, the number”, she added. Faction of the coalition “people’s front” in the Ukrainian Parliament on Monday

Saakashvili commented on the Russian blocking of sites in Ukraine

Saakashvili commented on the Russian blocking of sites in Ukraine KYIV, may 24 — RIA Novosti. Former President of Georgia, ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili said that the decision of the President of Petro Poroshenko to close in Ukraine, access to Russian social networks inhuman and reflecting the “flippant attitude” to the Ukrainians, and “stupidity, passing in the sabotage.” Earlier Poroshenko has approved the NSDC decision on the extension and expansion of the list of natural and legal persons of the Russian Federation, in respect of which the sanctions. The extended list included 1228 468 individuals and legal entities. In particular, Ukraine has imposed sanctions against a number of Russian media, the country is also prohibited access to social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and resources “Yandex” and Mail.ru. The decree entered into force on 17 may. However, as reported by the media, access to Russian social networks are still blocked

Disclosed the reason for the collapse of Russian-European probe “Schiaparelli”

Disclosed the reason for the collapse of Russian-European probe “Schiaparelli” The reason for failure of the lander “Schiaparelli” is the error of the onboard computer. This caused premature termination of the program of descent. To such conclusion experts of the European space Agency (ESA), conducting an independent investigation. This was reported on the website of the project “Eczemas”. “Schiaparelli” was supposed to land on the Martian plateau of Meridian October 19, 2016. The signal from the module is interrupted at the moment of descent. After boarding was supposed to start signal transmission from the surface, which was ready to accept and record the Mars probes Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and orbital module TGO. The probe was intended for development of the technology of atmospheric entry, descent, and landing research. Earlier the cause of the crash “Schiaparelli” was called a failure of the inertial measurement unit, which was incorrectly calculated

Granddaughter of Khrushchev Khrushchev called the symbol of free Russia

Granddaughter of Khrushchev Khrushchev called the symbol of free Russia Great-granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev, Professor of international relations at the New School University in new York, Nina Khrushcheva, Khrushchev called a symbol of “free Russia” in his column for the us edition of Project Syndicate. The main purpose of building Khrushchev was the protection and advancement of private life, wrote of Khrushchev, and explains to his readers that the practice of urban construction under Stalin, forced 30 people to share the room, kitchen and bathroom of one apartment. “With the reform 50 years, the family was exempted from communal life and not just got their own rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, but could live without fear that their conversations will be eavesdropped on by the KGB,” she writes, and notes that Khrushchev hoped that they will serve the people until the 1980s when, according to his calculations, was to come the

In the Mediterranean sea in full view of the rescuers drowned more than 30 migrants

In the Mediterranean sea sank the boat carrying migrants, killed more than 30 people. About it reports Reuters. The incident occurred near the coast of Libya. The boat, aboard which were about 200 passengers, followed in Italy. It was noticed by a rescue vessel of the Italian coast guard, which was headed in her direction. When the boats approached, the boat suddenly began to tip. Was it people without a life jacket rushed into the water and swam to the side of the Italian vessel. Most managed to escape, but more than 30 people — mostly children under the age of three — were killed. The exact number of victims is unknown, the search for bodies continues. Simultaneously with the search off the coast of Libya is a rescue operation, according to Italian coast guard in this area is about 15 boats carrying more than 1.7 thousand people. After overlapping