Rogozin promised to explore the idea of non-cooperation on the ISS

Rogozin promised to explore the idea of non-cooperation on the ISS Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin expects that Roscosmos will explore expert opinion about the need for Russia to withdraw from further participation in the project of the International space station (ISS). “The question of future manned programs should be discussed and not to go with the flow, responding only for the process, not the result. To the opinion of the expert is to listen, and not accustomed to dismiss. Expect from Roscosmos objective analysis of the situation and specific proposals. Otherwise fall behind not only the United States but also other space powers. Will only just nostalgia for the old days”, — Rogozin wrote in Facebook. Previously, a number of media quoted the expert said that Russia must stop participating in the ISS project and to send their forces on space cooperation with the BRICS

The star of “Antikiller” Yuri Sherstnev died in Moscow

The star of “Antikiller” Yuri Sherstnev died in Moscow The actor was 76 years old. Russian actor Yury Sherstnev died in Moscow on 77 th year of life. This “Izvestia” said friends of the artist. The actor became ill at home. His wife called an ambulance, but doctors were unable to save him. Sherstnev has starred in over 80 films and television series. Died Yuri Sherstnev — RT in Russian (@RT_russian) 12 may 2017 He played the role of executioner of Lille in multiserial film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” and played the Broom in both parts of “Antikiller”. The episode with the executioner from the movie “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”

On the shores of Indonesia nailed the carcass of a 15-metre squid

On the shores of Indonesia nailed the carcass of a 15-metre squid On one of the beaches of the Indonesian island of Seram was discovered a 15-metre carcass of some unknown creature — presumably a giant squid (according to another version of the whale). The creature was discovered 37-year-old local resident Acroom Tuanakotta that twilight first took over the carcass of a stranded boat, reports the Jakarta Globe. After that, the scene of the discovery of being ran by locals. Presumably, the giant squid (if it is a he) died for three days before was found. The carcass is beginning to rot, so local residents asked the local government to help them get rid of the corpse. Giant squid can grow to a very large size: recorded of beings, whose length from end of fin to tip hunting tentacles was about 16.5 m. This is one of the largest invertebrates.

Income Pamfilova in 2016 amounted to more than 30.5 million rubles

Photo: RIA Novosti The Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova declared in 2016, more than 30.5 million rubles of income in 2015, when she served as the Commissioner for human rights in Russia, its revenue amounted to 7.6 million rubles. Data on incomes and property for last year is published on the CEC website. According to the Declaration, the income of the CEC in 2016, 30 million 657 thousand rubles. In her ownership and a land area of 2033 square meters, a residential house, apartment (shared ownership) and a garage. In addition, Pamfilova owns the VW Beetle, known as the “beetle”. In 2015, according to the Declaration on the website of the Commissioner for human rights (Pamfilova held this post until March 2016), its revenue amounted to 7 million 615 thousand rubles. Then Pamfilova had no garage and the house and land was smaller. Revenues leadership,

Sands rejected the connection between the resignation of the head of the FBI and the change of Ambassador to the United States

Photo: RIA Novosti Possible replacement of Russian Ambassador to USA is not associated with the dismissal of the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) James Komi Republic, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. His words to the correspondent “” on Thursday, may 11. Answering the question of whether to accept a possible change of the diplomat “exchange”, the official Kremlin spokesman replied in the negative. “No exchanges with the ambassadors we do not produce”, — he stressed. Peskov also stressed that the Kremlin announces personnel changes. “If and when the President will sign corresponding decrees, we shall announce it,” — said the press Secretary of the head of state. Earlier on Thursday “Kommersant” reported that in the state Duma and the Federation Council soon will hold hearings on the appointment of Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Anatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak instead.

The North Korean Ambassador to Russia: preparing act of terrorism in Pyongyang, DPRK citizen was recruited for $20 thousand

The North Korean Ambassador to Russia: preparing act of terrorism in Pyongyang, DPRK citizen was recruited for $20 thousand According to Kim Hyung Jun, Kim citizen were to commit a terrorist attack against the country’s leadership with the use of biochemical substances during one of the events. MOSCOW, may 12. /TASS/. A citizen of the DPRK, preparing attacks against the country’s leadership, was recruited by over $20 thousand by the CIA and South Korean intelligence. This was stated by the North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Hyung Jun. “Criminals South Korean puppet intelligence service of colluding with the CIA in June 2014 bribed for $20 thousand citizen Kim, who at the time was a working timber enterprises in the Khabarovsk territory, and turned it into a terrorist full of hatred and revenge against our Supreme leadership,” — said the diplomat. According to him, criminal intent was the fact that Kim

North Korea denounced a remote assassination attempt on Kim Jong-UN

North Korea denounced a remote assassination attempt on Kim Jong-UN Authorities defused a terrorist group that planned to poison the head of the country, said the DPRK. Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU a Terrorist group that prepared the assassination attempt on DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN revealed in North Korea, said the North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Hyung Jun. According to him, attempt using poisonous substances were prepared according to the instructions of intelligence services of the US and South Korea. “Was unmasked a criminal group, which was implemented in our country, the CIA and state intelligence service of South Korea for the perpetration of state terror using biological and chemical weapons against our leadership,” the Ambassador said at a press conference in Moscow on Friday. According to Kim Hyun-Jung, a criminal group was created in 2014, the final preparations for the assassination was carried out in March-April 2017. The Ambassador

The court rejected the FCO’s claim against Abyzov on the abolition of the “law of Spring”

The court rejected the FCO’s claim against Abyzov on the abolition of the “law of Spring” The applicants complained of the inaction of the Minister for Open government, which refused to consider their initiative. Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU Tushino court of Moscow dismissed the claim of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) on the inaction of the Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov in connection with the refusal to consider them the initiative to abolish anti-terrorism “law of Spring”, reported “Interfax” on Friday the lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov. “Indeed, the court refused satisfaction of the statement. This was to be expected,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the FCO has not yet made a decision about the appeal. “We have not yet decided whether we are going to appeal or not. However, the fact that consideration in court shows that we have achieved our goal,” —

Israel freed has lived 14 years locked up boy

In the Israeli city of Hadera freed 14-year-old boy whose parents from birth were locked up. On Friday, may 12, reports BBC News. The child told the police that he was led from the house to the yard once or twice a month, usually at night. It is also noted that sometimes the boy was kept in a cage on the balcony. The parents of the child arrested. According to them, they kept son locked up, fearing for his health. As writes BBC News, the neighbors repeatedly complained to the local authorities on the bad smell of the apartment. One of the residents of the house said about the baby when I saw him in the window. According to Oiknine chiko (Chiko Waknin), the teenager looked “like a zombie from a horror movie”. “I saw his eyes and how he looked. It seemed that he had asked for my help.

Poland accused the founders of the EU shifting responsibility to new members

Founding countries of the European Union are trying to shift to new members the responsibility for their trouble. About this article published by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski. “We protest against such rhetoric, we believe that, as States that were originally included in the EU and the countries that joined the European Union 13 years ago, benefiting from the integration processes in economic, geopolitical and social”, — he explained. The head of the Polish foreign Ministry said that Warsaw opposes a “Europe of different speeds”. According to Waszczykowski, only the “EU one speed”, which includes all member States and which takes into account the interests of the whole community, can respond to modern challenges. The idea of a Europe of “different speeds” lies in the possibility of coexistence within the EU of States which are in varying degrees integrated into the community.