Schwarzenegger ruined the photo shoot tourists at the Eiffel tower

Schwarzenegger ruined the photo shoot tourists at the Eiffel tower Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger swept through the centre of Paris by bike and went on a photography walking down from the Eiffel tower tourists. The artist has published in Instagram shot, which shows how he blocks the road to the taken pictures of the group. Publication of Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) APR 29 2017 at 5:22 PDT “Thanks to the tourists at the Eiffel tower for allowing me to ruin their photos,” he signed the pictures. One of the witnesses who were traveling in the part of the Thai group, said “Bi-bi-si” that at first the travelers didn’t recognize the “terminator”. He was wearing a jacket and shorts, white socks and dark sunglasses. Tourists understand that they face a star only when the guide yelled “Arnold!”. Schwarzenegger rode around the French capital, surrounded by bodyguards, but this did not prevent him

The social structure of human ancestors could be like gorillas

The social structure of human ancestors could be like gorillas Exploring the sagittal crest of the four species of monkeys, scientists have found indication of its relationship to social hierarchy. The authors concluded that this bone formation on the top of the skull grow not only as an evolutionary advantage for the attachment of masticatory muscles, but also due to sexual selection. Article anthropologists published in the Journal of Anatomy. “We found that in the case of males gorillas and orangutans not only chewing stimulates the formation of comb — says Catherine Balolia from the Australian national University, lead author of the study. — This is also a social element: for example, females prefer males gorillas with large sagittal crests”. The authors say that this discovery may indicate the social interaction of the extinct relatives of humans, as some of them possessed such formations in the skull. “We might be

Eating a gluten-free Breakfast air passenger received only a banana

Eating a gluten-free Breakfast air passenger received only a banana London resident Martin Pavelka, eating a gluten free Breakfast on the flight Tokyo — Sydney received only a banana. About it reports The Telegraph. According to the passengers, he used the services of All Nippon Airways. The pavelka claims that requested gluten free Breakfast, but they brought him a banana with the label “GF” (“gluten free”) package with Cutlery and salt. The other passengers got sausages, eggs, mushrooms, bread and yogurt. The flight lasted nine hours. The previous night, Paul received a normal diet, and he believed that the Breakfast will be given something more nutritious than a banana. Man who ordered a gluten-free in-flight meal is given a banana and cutlery to eat it with — Telegraph Travel (@TelegraphTravel) 3 may 2017. The passenger wrote a complaint to the airline, but no answer was received.

Putin said attempts to interfere in Russia’s internal Affairs from outside

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia does not interfere in the internal political processes of other countries, but it is such attempts on itself, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at press conference following talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We never interfere in political life and in political processes of other countries. And we would very much like to see in our political life and in the political life of Russia no one intervened. Unfortunately, we are seeing opposite things, for many years observed attempt to influence internal political processes in Russia. And through the so-called non-governmental organizations and directly,” — said Putin. “Understand, seeing the destructiveness of such efforts and the futility of such efforts, we never did not come to interfere in the political processes of other countries”, — said the Russian leader.

The debate in France has begun with mutual attacks

The debate in France has begun with mutual attacks PARIS, may 3 — RIA Novosti. Presidential candidates of France — the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen and the founder of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron — started the debate Wednesday night, with attacks against each other. “Mr. macron is uncontrolled globalization, instability, war, the plundering of the economy, in particular, large enterprises, the fragmentation of the country, communitarianism. All this under the control of Mr. (President Francois) Hollande, who supervises the operation, it is now clear as never before” — ran Le Pen in the attack, opening the debate. She also described the opponent as “the cherished child” of the French elites. In response, the leader of movement “Forward,” stated that Le Pen does not want to open, informed, democratic debate and accused her of lying. “You are the heiress names (the founder of NetFront —

Interpol stopped search of the ex-President of Ukraine Yanukovych

Interpol stopped search of the ex-President of Ukraine Yanukovych Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU Interpol confirmed that he stopped the investigation of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his son Alexander, the press-Secretary of the Yanukovych Yuri Cuirassiers. “Interpol has documented that was taken off the wanted list ex-the President Yanukovych. The document refers to the fact that against Yanukovych in the database structure is no so-called “red card”,” wrote Cuirassiers on his Facebook page on Wednesday. According to him, Interpol confirmed that Yanukovych is not subject to a Red notice or Special request about the arrest, and that his data do not exist in the Interpol database. The cuirassier also has published in social networks a photocopy of the relevant answers regarding Interpol Yanukovych and his son. “This response was followed by a requirement of law firm JHA LLP, which serves the interests of Yanukovych, to release information that ex-Ukrainian

It became known about one more dead in Syria, the Russian military

It became known about one more dead in Syria, the Russian military Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU IN Syria killed a Russian soldier Bogdan Derevitsky from Bratsk (Irkutsk region), said Wednesday in a press-service of a city administration of Bratsk. “In Syria, he passed military service under the contract”, — said the press service. Wednesday in Bratsk held a farewell ceremony for the dead. The ceremony was attended by the leadership of the city and representatives of the command of the Eastern military district. Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing official figures reported that as of April 11, in Syria killed 30 Russian soldiers. On may 2, the defense Ministry reported that in Syria the shelling militants killed a Russian military adviser, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei buchelnikov. The Russian military operation in Syria is from September 30, 2015.

Three people died as a result of the collision of an SUV into a crowd in Massachusetts

Archive photo As a result of the collision of an SUV into a crowd in Billerica (Massachusetts, USA) three people were killed and another nine were in the hospital. On Wednesday, may 3, reports the local Fox News channel. — Christina Hager (@HagerWBZ) 03 may 2017, 15:47 The incident occurred in the course of the automobile auction, held in 30 kilometers from Boston. SUV Jeep Cherokee suddenly accelerated and drove through the people, until he crashed into a concrete fence. The driver, who is an employee of a trading platform, was not injured. The state police said that “at the moment nothing points to a terrorist act”. According to the guards, “all the information suggests that it was an accident”. Presumably, the driver lost control. His name is not mentioned, it is known that he was more than 70 years. April 7 at Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street of Stockholm

The explosion at a coal mine in Iran killed 21 people

At a coal mine in the North of Iran, an explosion occurred. The accident 21 people were killed and 69 more were injured. On Wednesday, may 3, Reuters reports, citing local media. The explosion occurred at 12:45 local time (11:15 GMT) on mine Zemestan-Yurt, located near the town of Azadshahr (Golestan province). As noted by the Teheran Times, authorities believe that the incident occurred due to the high concentration of methane. In mid-February, eight people were killed in an explosion in a coal mine “, Czuba” in the Chinese province of Hunan. At the time of the accident in the mine were 29 miners self come to the surface failed 17 of them. In November last year in an explosion at a coal mine near the city of Chongqing (southwest of China) killed 33 people. The cause of the incident were several violations of safety regulations.

Russia demanded Poland explanation for detention of the “Night wolves”

Embassy of Russia in Poland expresses misunderstanding and confusion about the actions of Warsaw against Russian motorcyclists and is awaiting clarification. This is stated in the commentary of the diplomatic mission, released on Wednesday, may 3, RIA Novosti reported. “No meaningful justification for such actions against the Russian motorcyclists the Polish side did not submit. (…) It should be particularly noted that in this case, restrictive measures have been participants in the events dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory over fascism and the memory of soldiers who died fighting to save Europe from the Nazi plague”, — said in comments. Earlier Wednesday, police in the city of Mysłowice detained a Russian citizen Nikolai Loginov, joined Poland to rally “Roads of Victory in Berlin.” It can be removed with the cancellation of the Schengen visas. On 29 April, the Polish border guard service is not missed on the territory