The explosion at a coal mine in Iran killed 21 people

At a coal mine in the North of Iran, an explosion occurred. The accident 21 people were killed and 69 more were injured. On Wednesday, may 3, Reuters reports, citing local media.

The explosion occurred at 12:45 local time (11:15 GMT) on mine Zemestan-Yurt, located near the town of Azadshahr (Golestan province). As noted by the Teheran Times, authorities believe that the incident occurred due to the high concentration of methane.

In mid-February, eight people were killed in an explosion in a coal mine “, Czuba” in the Chinese province of Hunan. At the time of the accident in the mine were 29 miners self come to the surface failed 17 of them.

In November last year in an explosion at a coal mine near the city of Chongqing (southwest of China) killed 33 people. The cause of the incident were several violations of safety regulations.