Poklonskaya advised Ukrainians to find a “doctor” to the Kiev authorities

Photo: RIA Novosti The Deputy of the state Duma of Russia, ex-the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya in an interview with RT commented on the adoption of the Ukraine law, according to which the carrying and production of the St. George ribbon is imposed the administrative responsibility. According to Poklonskaya, the current Ukrainian government must be held accountable for their crimes. “In General what is happening in Ukraine is testing the strength of grandchildren and great-grandchildren whose grandparents laid their lives heroically fighting the fascist scum”, she said. The Deputy noted that the people in power in the Ukraine currently, in any case brought before the court because they are “already committed enough crimes against their own people, country, history and walk in it as criminals.” “Want to find the Ukrainian people for these leaders of the “doctors” who will send them on trial,” said Poklonski. Earlier it became

The Kremlin did not comment on the idea of prohibition of scenes of drinking alcohol on TV

Photo: RIA Novosti The Kremlin has not commented on the idea to prohibit the showing of scenes with drinking alcohol on TV, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the centre for national alcohol policy development suggested that the government of the Russian Federation the bill, forbidding demonstration of alcohol consumption on television in the period from 6 to 23 hours. In Russia currently already banned alcohol advertising on the Internet and on television. “No,” said Sands, answering the question of journalists about how the Kremlin could comment on the initiative.

Chinese workers came to blows during the operation

Chinese workers came to blows during the operation Two Chinese medic decided to settle their differences with fists directly in the operating room. Video publishes Shanghaiist. Apparently, it was filmed in one of the hospitals, Lanka (Henan province). The footage shows how at first the nurse arguing with the nurse, then beats him, then her colleague deals her a series of blows. The police is investigating. According to law enforcement, hospital staff reported that during the recording of the video operations were not conducted, although the footage suggests the opposite.

Died the founder of Fox News Roger Ailsa

Died the founder of Fox News Roger Ailsa Died the founder, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, the former CEO of Fox News channel and the group of companies Fox Television Stations Group Roger Ailsa reported by Fox News. He was 77 years old. Eyls resigned from management positions at Fox News and Fox Television Stations Group in July 2016 due to the scandal. In the media there were allegations that he indulged in sexual harassment against fellow women. The Ailsa was a consultant for the media at US presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush and new York mayor Rudy Giuliani. In 2016, he worked as a consultant to Donald trump, and helped his staff in the preparation of the debates on TV.

Chinese children get fat the fault of the grandparents

Chinese children get fat the fault of the grandparents One of the main causes of childhood obesity in China are grandparents pampering their grandchildren. So say researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Center for control and prevention of diseases Guangzhou, set forth its findings in the journal PLoS One. Parents and school staff members in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, who are gathered scientists link childhood obesity with the lack of healthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The children of indigenous residents to be overweight, because of the evil influence of grandparents, the opportunity to eat at school and lack of time for physical activity. Many respondents noted that the representatives of the older generation specially fattened children. “They have an outdated concept, the researchers said one of the residents of Guangzhou. They believe that fat is a sign of health.” “Our child always gets fat when goes

Media reported about the plans of the trump to appoint Joe Lieberman is the Director of the FBI

Media reported about the plans of the trump to appoint Joe Lieberman is the Director of the FBI The former Senator from Connecticut “found common ground” with the President of the United States, noted at the White house. Moscow. May 18. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. President Donald trump may soon appoint former Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman to the post of Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, announced on Thursday by the information Internet-portal Politico, citing nenazvany the White house. According to their data, “trump and Lieberman found a common language at the meeting on Wednesday, and the President gave the preference to the former Senator from Connecticut”. Another source told Politico that trump intends to appoint a new head of the FBI before leaving for the first overseas tour on Friday. The report notes that the White house refused to officially confirm these data. Earlier it

Brazil’s President refused to resign because of the scandal surrounding the recording of his conversation

Brazil’s President refused to resign because of the scandal surrounding the recording of his conversation Michel Temer declared that the Federal Supreme court to prove his innocence. RIO DE JANEIRO, may 18. /Offset. TASS Darya Yuryeva/. The President of Brazil Michel Temer said that will not resign because of the scandal surrounding the recording of his conversation. The corresponding statement was made head of state, speaking in the Palace of Planalto. “I will not resign,” he said. “The (Federal) Supreme court I will prove that have no relationship to the facts. I demand a comprehensive investigation, which will clarify the situation of the Brazilian people. I have nothing to hide,” added the Brazilian leader. On the eve of Brazilian entrepreneurs — brothers, Lesli and Wesley Batista is handed over to the Federal Supreme court (WEF), the country’s record, which Temer allegedly asked to bribe the former speaker of the lower

Iran responded to sanctions pressure, US

Tehran The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran has imposed sanctions against nine individuals and companies from the United States. It is reported by news Agency IRNA. “They are involved in gross human rights violations and crimes in the occupied Zionist [Israeli] regime areas,” — said in a statement the foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic. In particular, the Iranian sanctions are imposed against the shipbuilding firm Huntington Ingalls Industries for the supply of corvettes for the Israeli Navy, as well as in respect of the private intelligence company Booz Allen Hamilton. Her staff is believed in Tehran, closely associated with the CIA and carried out subversive activities against Iran. The document stresses that Tehran has thus reacted to the US imposed restrictions on several Iranian firms and individuals involved in the implementation of the missile program of the country. Iran has called the US administration’s decision unacceptable, illegal and

A German journalist was allowed to call far-right politician a Nazi whore

Alice Widely One of the leaders of the far-right German party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) Alice Vidal can be called a Nazi whore. This decision was made by the court of Hamburg, about it reports The Local. “Well, political correctness in the past. Let’s be incorrect! That Nazi whore” — comedian Christian Ering described the party Congress of ADG, which was attended by Videl. She filed in court, but that her arguments are not heeded, citing the fact that satire, even excessive, according to German law allowed. “In wider circles of the German society of ADH is regarded as right or far-right party” — explained to the court the lawfulness of the use of the adjective “Nazi”. As for the word “slut”, it was used because it described a woman, and from the content of the satirical message was clear that this characterization is not true. In addition, the decision

The car at full speed crashed into a crowd of people in Central new York

Continued: Witnesses reported the deliberate hitting a pedestrian in new York On the square times square in the heart of new York city the car at full speed crashed into a crowd of pedestrians. On Thursday, may 18, reports the Metro. Eyewitnesses published in Twitter pictures from the scene. The picture shows that the car fell on one side and smokes. — gb (@gb__) 18 may 2017, 15:57 According to Metro, injured several people, medics help them. In turn, Reuters reports at least one of the victims. Recalling affected, the Agency notes that the impact was deliberate.