The Kremlin does not agree with the words of Makron about RT and Sputnik

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin does not agree with the statements of the President of France Emmanuel Macron on the Russian media Sputnik and RT. “We do not agree with this assessment,” — said Peskov, RIA Novosti. Previously, the rules stated that RT and Sputnik had access to his campaign staff due to the fact that the allegedly “spreading false information, slander”. The headquarters of Macron Sputnik and RT accused of involvement in the dissemination of information about the existence of his offshore accounts in the Bahamas. Sputnik called the charges false and counterfeit, and chief editor of Sputnik and RT Margarita Simonyan said that the press Secretary of the Makron could not provide a single example of “spreading fake news” in the Russian media.

Gref promised to dismiss every seventh employee of the savings Bank

Gref promised to dismiss every seventh employee of the savings Bank President of Sberbank German Gref announced plans of a credit institution to reduce staff by 13.8 per cent by 2025. Reported video News Service. According to him, Sberbank, its future will be much smaller. “Today we have 325 thousand worldwide, I think 280 thousand, maybe it’s the landmark that can be by 2025,” he said. However, he noted that the structure of employment of employees of the savings Bank will change fundamentally. “For us it is fundamentally important processes associated with education, retraining and providing each of our employees the opportunity to get a new profession”, — said Gref. In early may it became known that the number of offices of banking of the savings Bank as of may 1, 2017 amounted to 14 826 units compared to 16 174 offices, the company informed. Thus, the number of offices

The Curse Of Alexander Demyanenko. The star and the fatal role of Shurik

The Curse Of Alexander Demyanenko. The star and the fatal role of Shurik People’s artist of the RSFSR Alexander Demyanenko played more than 100 movie roles. But for the audience, he was and will forever remain a Shura of the famous and still beloved comedies directed by Leonid Gaidai. The actor was born may 30, 1937 in Sverdlovsk. After graduating from school and studied for six months in law school, Demyanenko realized that childhood dream of becoming an actor is becoming more and more attractive to him. And went to conquer Moscow. Moscow surrendered under the onslaught of a talented provincial, and Demyanenko mother sent to Sverdlovsk telegram: “Victory! Accepted to GITIS and Shchukin. Remain in GITIS”. Filming Alexander was still a student, and very successful. Perhaps, if we’re talking about the set time “to Shurik”, the greatest interest with the participation Demyanenko are the paintings by famous film Directors

“It is necessary, Fedja, is necessary!”: the catch phrase “Shurik” Alexander Demyanenko

“It is necessary, Fedja, is necessary!”: the catch phrase “Shurik” Alexander Demyanenko MOSCOW, may 30 — RIA Novosti, Anna Mikhailova. Alexander Demyanenko played in more than hundred films, but entered the history of Soviet cinema like the legendary Shura of comedies by Leonid Gaidai. Intelligent blonde with glasses, forever falling into dubious company and a curious situation has become a major success and the curse of the actor. This character brought Demyanenko fame, but did not give him the opportunity to play deep dramatic roles because the audience and filmmakers persistently saw him as Shurik. Today the actor, who died suddenly in 1999, would have turned 80 years old. Winged words of his main character still talking of a generation of fans. “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, 1965 Quote from the movie “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”. First appearance of Alexander Demyanenko in the image of the blond

The Senate of the Netherlands approved the Association of the European Union and Ukraine

The Senate of the Netherlands, the upper house of the Dutch Parliament approved the ratification of the Association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. On Tuesday, may 30, UNIAN reports. Now the legislation must be signed by the king and published in the state journal. After that the document will come into force. On 23 February, the lower house of the Dutch Parliament approved the ratification of the Association agreement between the EU and Ukraine. For made the majority of deputies, despite the results held on 6 April 2016, the referendum, the results of which 61 percent of participants voted against ratification. The Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU was signed in June 2014.

Died first to report about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima a Japanese

Yoshie Oka A woman died, first reported that the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. 86-year-old Yoshie Oka died in a local hospital on may 19, however, her family reported the loss Tuesday, may 30. This writes Kyodo News. Cause of death was malignant lymphoma. Oke was 14 years old, when he was made the atomic bombing. The girl was working as a liaison in the center of the military command of the Imperial army of Japan. Immediately after dropping the bomb she reported the incident to the military in Fukuyama. “Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed. We dropped the bomb of a new type,” she said. During the life of the woman, who suffered from the effects of the bombing, actively participated at the events, during which they shared their experiences and called for nuclear disarmament. The United States conducted the atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima

Insurers appreciated motorists suffered damage from hurricane

The damage to the capital’s car owners hurricane may 29, estimated at 200 million rubles. About TASS reported to the Executive Director of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Evgenie Ufimtsev. “Total damage to the vehicles was not, as for example in case of floods. But the damage from fallen trees was serious,” he said. Ufimtsev added that about 30 percent of car owners who submit bids to insurance companies, have policies of insurance and may be eligible for compensation. “Insurers explained the procedure of how to settle these losses. I hope that they will be produced promptly and quickly,” he added. The victims of the hurricane, which was held in the Moscow region, were 15 people, injured about 200. According to preliminary data, the wind knocked down a 14 thousand trees, damaged buildings and 240 of about two thousand machines. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin promised to

He estimated withstood the hurricane stay in Moscow

Only one of the nine thousand of stopping pavilions in Moscow did not survive the storm, which struck the city on March 29. This was announced by Vice-mayor, head of the Department of transportation and development of road-transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov, reports TASS. According to him, the city has 11 stops, nine thousand of them have pavilions. “Only one hall did not survive the disaster, and, unfortunately, this has led to tragic consequences — a man died”, — noted Vice-the mayor. The press service Mosgortrans reported to the Agency that the structure could not withstand the disaster, it was established in strict compliance with the existing regulations. The company promised to assist law enforcement authorities in the investigation of circumstances and causes of the incident. Heavy rain with squally gusts of wind descended on Moscow on may 29. The victims of the disaster, according to the revised data, were 10

Putin answered the question on participation in elections of 2018

Putin answered the question on participation in elections of 2018 The head of state stressed that he will do everything possible to ensure a campaign in accordance with the Constitution, and noticed that while early to speak about its participation in the elections. PARIS, may 30 — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would do everything possible to ensure the holding of election campaign 2018, in strict accordance with the Russian Constitution, at the same time noted that while early to speak about his participation in the presidential elections. “You know, we have all the latest election campaign is held in strict accordance with the Russian Constitution, in strict accordance. And I will do everything to ensure the conduct of election campaigns in 2018 the same way — I repeat, in strict accordance with the law and the Constitution,” Putin said in an interview with

Reuters: the United States began to supply arms to Syrian Kurds

Reuters: the United States began to supply arms to Syrian Kurds According to Agency sources, it was made in the last days. NEW YORK, may 30. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Washington began supplying arms and equipment to Kurdish fighters involved in the operation to liberate the Syrian city of raqqa fighters from the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This was reported by Reuters. According to his sources, this was done in the last days. What exactly the weapons in question, the Agency did not specify. Earlier this month, a U.S. air force Colonel John Dorrian said at a briefing at the Pentagon that Washington plans to provide weapons to the Syrian Kurds from the “forces of national self-defense” (SNC), members of the armed coalition of “democratic Forces of Syria” (SDS) that is leading the fight against ISIS. The formation of the SDS, with the support of