The Chechen Parliament said that

Photo: RIA Novosti International Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report on the persecution of gays in Chechnya. It is based on interviews with victims men, journalists and experts, told RIA Novosti the author and program Director for Russia Tatyana Lokshina. The human rights activist noted that HRW mentions “their findings and recommendations with officials in Russia and abroad, and with key international organizations, including specialized UN agencies, the Council of Europe and OSCE”. The authors of the report, urged foreign States to grant victims “a safe haven”. In the Chechen Parliament said that allegations of harassment of gays in the region cannot be considered serious. “This is not a serious issue to discuss it. Media write anything, and if at all to react — we wanted to spit that write some of the European feeding corrupt journalists”, — quotes the radio station “Moscow speaking” the words

Ushakov suggested why Trump anti-Russian rhetoric

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow considers the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump of Russia in the context of threats to NATO, including as a way to push the allies to make the necessary for its operation means, said Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov. “Trump made a lot of these in General attention-grabbing statements, in the trip and in the middle East, and European countries. On the part of NATO was a dramatic statement against the allies, in my opinion, these statements of priority involved. As to the mention of Russia, maybe it is possible to consider including in the plan boosts allies to ensure that they fulfil their obligations to make the relevant amounts in the NATO budget”, — said Ushakov told reporters. He noted that the situation with the so-called “Russiangate” in Washington was accurately described by the Russian President Vladimir Putin as “political schizophrenia”.

Putin instructed to submit to the state Duma the project of resettlement of dilapidated housing

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government until July 1, 2018, to submit to the state Duma a bill on the permanent mechanism of resettlement of dilapidated housing, according to the website of the President. “To amend the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation a draft Federal law providing for the establishment, effective 1 January 2019 permanent mechanisms for relocating citizens from dilapidated housing”, — stated in the message. In addition, the government until November 1, instructed to continue the activities of the state Corporation “Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services” until January 1, 2019. During the state Council meeting held on 4 may, the President instructed the government of the Russian Federation and regions from 1 January 2019 to introduce a permanent mechanism of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated and emergency housing, while, as noted, for a transitional

Cameron criticized for buying socks without a queue

Cameron criticized for buying socks without a queue MOSCOW, may 28 — RIA Novosti. Former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron seen in one of the London stores for buying a pair of socks without a queue. This writes the tabloid the Daily Mail. The politician is interested in the pair of socks that were sold at a discount in the store JD Sports. When Cameron together with bodyguards tried to “slip” to the cashier by customers standing in line, he filmed one of the attendees. The woman was outraged by the behavior of the former head of the Cabinet. “I don’t understand why now he deserves any special treatment, he’s no longer Prime Minister. Despite this, he tried to get up ahead of everyone,” she shared with reporters. The author of the video also said that the store policies are clearly felt “at ease”.

Film critic: the jury prize of the Cannes film festival jury talks about his progress

Film critic: the jury prize of the Cannes film festival jury talks about his progress CANNES, may 28 — RIA Novosti. Getting Andrei Zvyagintsev of the jury Prize at the Cannes film festival demonstrates his progress as a Director and a chance to win the Golden palm, reported RIA Novosti on Sunday film critic Kirill Razlogov. Just in the main competition of this year were 19 paintings. The main prize — the Palme d’or jury, chaired by the Director Pedro Almodovar was awarded to the Swede Ruben Estlund for the film “Square”. “The jury prize is not the most important, but it is a step forward compared to last prize for the scenario, that is, it steps gradually rises, so that in the future he can win the prize and above. But of course he was hoping for more,” said Razlogov. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that Zvyagintsev have

“Gold palm branch” has received a film “the Square”

“Gold palm branch” has received a film “the Square” “Palme d’or” at the recent Sunday 70-m the Cannes film festival was awarded to the drama “the Square” Swedish Director Ruben Ostlund, last year’s recipient of the jury prize of the program “Special look”. The Grand Prix was awarded to the French Director Robin, Campillo for the film “120 BPM”. Andrey Zvyagintsev for his painting “Dislike” was awarded the jury prize, the third prestigious award of the festival. The prize for best Director was handed to Sofia Coppola for the film “Fatal temptation”. The award for best screenplay was awarded to yorgos of lanthimos for the film “the Killing of a sacred deer” and Lynne Ramsay for his film “You were never here”. The prize for best female role was given to Diane Kruger for the film “out Of nowhere”. Award for best actor awarded to Joaquin Phoenix for his role

Offered an unexpected explanation for the lack of extraterrestrial civilizations

Philosophers Anders Sandberg from Oxford University (UK) and Stuart Armstrong and Milan Sarcevic of the Institute for the future of humanity (Serbia) have proposed an explanation of the Fermi paradox (nenablyudaemo humanity aliens). Corresponding Preprint of the study is available in edition “”. The authors suggested that “the hypothesis of summer hibernation”, according to which the reason why mankind does not observe the manifestations of the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations, is that the latter are currently inactive because waiting for the “future space er”. Scientists assume that in the Universe there are many alien civilizations that have arisen previously on earth. Over time the first reached the level of development in which (in the modern Universe) further modernization of civilization is extremely limited. These aliens, according to the authors, may come in contact with each other, but is unobservable to humans. The Fermi paradox is the lack of visible signs

“Dislike” Zvyagintsev has received the jury prize at the Cannes film festival

The film by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike” received the jury prize 70-th Cannes film festival. On Sunday, may 28, the correspondent “reports”. “Somehow quickly it all happened. I would like to thank everyone who created this film. Thank you all for your talent,” said Zvyagintsev after the announcement of the decision of the jury. The Director thanked the film’s producer Alexander Rodnyansky, screenwriter Oleg Negina, the operator Mikhail Krichman and other filmmakers. Before the premiere at the Cannes film festival plot details “Dislike” was kept in strict secret. The film tells about the couple, performed by Maria Spivak and Aleksey Rozin in the midst of a difficult divorce. Their 12-year-old son Alyosha, seeing one of the quarrels of the parents, runs away from home. The film “Dislike” is a joint production of the Russian, French, Belgian and German film companies. Filming began in the fall of 2016. The

Police arrested a suspect in the fifteenth case of an explosion in Manchester

British police arrested 19-year-old young man within the framework of investigation of act of terrorism at stadium “the Manchester arena,” according to the Twitter account of the police of Manchester. — G M Police (@gmpolice) 28 may 2017, 20:15 “Police officers, conducting searches at addresses in the area Gorton and rush this evening (Sunday, may 28), arrested 19-year-old man in Gorton on suspicion of violating the terrorism act. Searches and detention were in connection with the attack on the “Manchester Arena”, — said in a statement. The report States that the total number of people detained in the investigation, reached 15. Two of them were released without charges, 13 are in custody. The attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were taken to medical facilities. Banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the

The interior Ministry said about three thousand marchers against the renovation in Moscow

In Moscow on the street Vavilov passed consistent with the city authorities, the March, which is half an hour from the beginning, joined three thousand people. On Sunday, may 28, reported on the website of the main Directorate of the interior Ministry in the capital. At the end of the March organizers have planned a rally. Participants of the action protest against the urban policy of the city authorities, in particular against the program of renovation of dilapidated housing. The protection of public order and security police and Asgardia. On the eve of a rally against the demolition of Khrushchev passed on Suvorovskaya square in Central administrative district of Moscow. The event attracted about a thousand participants. In early may, city hall has published a list of the available voting of houses that can be include in the programme of renovation of residential quarters. Just got 4546 objects. The list