The Kremlin has expressed readiness for constructive dialogue with the United States

Photo: RIA Novosti Assistant to the President of Russia Igor Levitin said that one of the priorities of Moscow is a constructive dialogue with Washington, since efficiency depends on the Syrian settlement and the fight against terrorism, RIA “Novosti”. “The world is in a dangerous state. The situation has reached a worsening of relations between Russia and the West, and from the experts it depends on how they are resolved. All the problems can not be solved, but need step by step to move away from a dangerous level,” — said Levitin at the conference of the Baltic forum in Riga. According to him, one of the priorities of Moscow is a constructive dialogue with Washington, as it depends on “problem solving and Syria and the Middle East, and combating international terrorism and other issues”. Earlier it was reported that the leaders of the G7 could not agree on its

Medina urged restraint during the investigation of the situation around the “Gogol – center”

Photo: RIA Novosti The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called on cultural workers to show restraint in a situation with investigation associated with the “Gogol-center”. “I was confused and very upset with this whole situation,” said the Minister in interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday” on TV channel “Russia 1” (VGTRK). According to him, the most important thing — both parties to exercise restraint and objectivity. Ministry of culture helps the investigation, reports required documents, on the other, the same restraint you have to show and artists, because it’s not about creativity, and, of course, the investigators, the Minister said. Medinsky said that the investigation is irrelevant to the issues of creativity. “In this case we are talking exclusively about the technical, financial and accounting issues,” the Minister said. May 23, investigators have carried out searches, including at the place of residence and work of the founder of

Photographer four years, sat in the river for the picture beaver

Photographer four years, sat in the river for the picture beaver Want to know what is perseverance? Every night for four years, the photographer sat for hours in the river for the underwater picture of a beaver. Photo Eurasian beaver, sailing on the Loire (France) with a poplar branch in her teeth, was published in the journal bioGraphic. Many took pictures of beavers in the water, but it was this shot that was most unusual. It took four years of lying on a riverbed for a wildlife photographer to capture this shot. — Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) may 27, 2017 In addition, for the photographer Louis-Marie Preah work on the tracking of the animal was architzel, notes Gizmodo. “Every night, dressed in scuba gear, he lay motionless in the river for two to three hours. Finally, one evening, his patience paid off. He just plunged into the water and settled

Vasilyev called the date of the introduction of compulsory exam in a foreign language

Vasilyev called the date of the introduction of compulsory exam in a foreign language Students will be obliged to pass a foreign language within the framework of the Unified state exam in 2022, said the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva. From 2020, the proposal will test the regions. Foreign language 2022 will become compulsory unified state examination, which students must pass to receive a diploma. This was in the context of the meeting Situation and information centre (SIC) of Rosobrnadzor said the Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva. “In 2022, the unified state exam in foreign language will be required. And in 2020 it will go we normally in several regions as a pilot”, — said the Minister, reports RBC. Vasilyev also said that in 2017 the Ministry of education removed the test in all subjects except foreign language. “The country is slowly but surely preparing for the exam

Nature has transformed the trash on the beach in Vladivostok in jewelry

Nature has transformed the trash on the beach in Vladivostok in jewelry Thousands of glass bottles, caught up with people in the sea, turned into a colored “pebbles” on the shore of a rocky beach in the Ussuri Bay (far East). However, after 20 years, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow jewels will disappear, ecologists warn. Glass Bay formed by provident nature, which fixed the “bugs” man: fragments of broken bottles, porcelain and tiles have been polished for decades and turned into a tourist attraction. Publication of АVT Tours, tickets, visa ( APR 6 2017 7:07 PDT According to Professor Peter Brovko, the beach attracts crowds of tourists every summer, and if you stop the pollution of the glass, it will disappear forever after two decades, partly because of the hunters for Souvenirs. Publication from the N@me ( May 6 2017 7:31 PDT Publication from the Beauty of

EU year extended sanctions against Syria

The European Union extended the restrictive measures against Syria for a year, until 1 June 2018. This is stated in the Monday, may 29, in the statement of the EU Council. The document notes that the European Union has added three Syrian Ministers in the list of persons on whom sanctions are imposed. “In the EU strategy on Syria found that the European Union will maintain restrictive measures against the Syrian regime and its supporters as long as repression continues against the civilian population”, — stated in the statement. Just black list includes 240 people and 67 organisations. EU sanctions against Syria was introduced in stages from 2012, reports TASS. They include a ban on oil imports from Syria, and delivery to the country of finished fuel and oil products, restrictions on investment, the freezing of assets, embargo on trade technology. May 9 sanctions against Syria for a year extended

The foreign Ministry promised to respond to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Estonia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia reiterated that the expulsion of diplomats from Estonia will not remain unanswered. On Monday, may 29, said the first Deputy Minister Vladimir Titov, reports RIA Novosti. “In relations between States is always the principle of reciprocity,” he said. May 26, Estonian foreign Ministry demanded from the Consul General of Russia in Narva Dmitry Kazennova and Consul Andrew Sergeeva to leave before the end of may. The Agency reported that it had handed over to the Russian diplomats the corresponding note. The reasons for this decision were not specified. The Russian foreign Ministry has called this requirement an unfriendly act and promised not to leave it unanswered.

Five detained in Poland for fighting the Russians released

Five Russians at the age from 23 to 27 years old, detained in the Polish city of Sopot for fighting, released. This was reported in the Russian Consulate in Gdansk, transfers on Monday, may 29, TASS reported. Currently, the citizens of Russia left the territory of Poland and are in the Kaliningrad region, told in the Embassy. According to the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Poland Alexander karachevtseva, young people will have to pay a fine. It is noted that among who have been detained Russians two girls. The fight occurred on may 26. Besides Russian nationals, were also detained four poles. The cause of the incident is not reported, we only know that all participants of fight were drunk. Their blood contained from one to two per Mille of alcohol.

Spring called SBU repressive machine Poroshenko

Irina Yarovaya The security service of Ukraine (SBU) ignores the constitutional rights of Ukrainians, with the approval of the President of Petro Poroshenko. This opinion was expressed by the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Spring, commenting on the searches in the Kiev and Odessa offices of “Yandex”. Her words leads RIA Novosti on Monday, may 29. “Repressive machine Poroshenko ready to move the rights and freedoms of its citizens up and down in a fit of rabid Russophobia,” — said the MP. In her opinion, the sanctions against the company was entered because of her attempts to resist the imposed Kiev ideology. Spring also troubled by the fact that the international community responds to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities: “Where is Dunja Mijatovic (OSCE representative on freedom of the media — approx. “Of the” )? And where freedom of speech?” In her opinion, it is necessary to

Trees injured six people at the Danilovsky cemetery

Hurricane consequences in Moscow Six people were injured in the Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow because of the trees that fell in the hurricane. About it “Interfax” on Monday, said an informed source. According to him, one of the victims diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. The other indicates the REN TV, his arm broken. As the channel “360”, according to data from social networks, at the Danilovsky cemetery wind pulled out of the ground a tree that collapsed on a man with a child. Several people hid in the temple on the territory of the Pogost. According to the latest unofficial information, the storm killed eight people. In a capital Central Board of the Investigative Committee prior to this confirmed information about six victims. In particular, in the Kirovohrad street man died from injuries received due to the fact that the wind threw at him a public transport stop. The