Photographer four years, sat in the river for the picture beaver

Photographer four years, sat in the river for the picture beaver

Want to know what is perseverance? Every night for four years, the photographer sat for hours in the river for the underwater picture of a beaver.

Photo Eurasian beaver, sailing on the Loire (France) with a poplar branch in her teeth, was published in the journal bioGraphic. Many took pictures of beavers in the water, but it was this shot that was most unusual.

It took four years of lying on a riverbed for a wildlife photographer to capture this shot.

— Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) may 27, 2017

In addition, for the photographer Louis-Marie Preah work on the tracking of the animal was architzel, notes Gizmodo.

“Every night, dressed in scuba gear, he lay motionless in the river for two to three hours. Finally, one evening, his patience paid off. He just plunged into the water and settled down when I saw an adult beaver, returning with a fresh poplar branch to three cubs” — briefly tells the story of a bioGraphic picture.

The population of the Eurasian beaver was quite widespread before the humans came and began to hunt this animal for its skin, meat and castoreum, also known as “beaver spring” and used in medicine.

According to the International Union for conservation of nature, the beginning of XX century there were about 1200 individuals. However, the measures for the conservation of the Eurasian beaver has led to the recovery of the population.