The state Duma did not consider the bill on the agenda in the army by email

Photo: RIA Novosti The state Duma did not consider the bill, which allows you to inform citizens about the necessity to perform military duty, including via e-mail since it was introduced in violation of the Constitution and regulations of the lower house of Parliament. It follows from the materials presented in the Duma electronic database. The authors of the initiative in early may by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov and other senators. “Because military registration and enlistment offices are the territorial bodies of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the implementation of the proposed bill provisions, in our opinion, will lead to the necessity of performing a number of organizational and technical measures carried out including through the procurement of goods, works and services for state needs, the cost of which will be covered at the expense of the Federal

Russia has called on NATO to abandon confrontation with Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow urges NATO before it is too late to abandon attempts to build relations with Russia in a spirit of confrontation, said Russian foreign Ministry. “Russian-NATO relations are in the deepest since the end of the cold war crisis. The Alliance unilaterally froze all projects of practical cooperation in areas of shared interest, which were provided by the above-mentioned documents and has made a significant contribution to ensuring European security. Words agreeing with the need to eliminate dividing lines on the continent, the Western countries made a choice in favor of “closed” datacentric security architecture. A continuation of this policy was a long-term course on the political and military “containment of Russia”. Its direct consequence is a growing potential for conflict in the Euro-Atlantic region”, — stated in the message the Ministry of foreign Affairs released on Friday. “The growing negative trends – not Russia’s choice. This

Died in USA the star of “southern rock” Gregg Allman

Died in USA the star of “southern rock” Gregg Allman WASHINGTON, may 27 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Star style southern rock Gregg Allman (Gregg Allman) died on Saturday in the USA at the age of 69, said in a statement on his official website. Rolling Stone magazine has put Allman in its list of 100 greatest singers of all time. “With deep sorrow we announce that Gregg Allman, one of the founders of the Allman Brothers Band, died in his home in Georgia”, — stated in the message.

Google warned her about trying to hack his account “government hackers”

Google warned her about trying to hack his account “government hackers” Founder of the social network “In contact” and the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov said that his gmail account was tried to hack the “government hackers”. He got the warning from Google. “Google says that government-backed hackers may have tried to hack me. I never use gmail for important things, but somehow I’m not surprised,” wrote Durov on Twitter. He attached a screenshot with the warning Google. It States that “government hackers” trying to steal the password of your account. The company assured that the probability of success of the hackers less than 0.1%. But be warned that if they succeed, they can obtain user data or to use his account for their own purposes.

The team doctor told me about the “purity” of Russian players

The football team of Russia The football team of Russia is clean, they will not have problems when passing doping control. This was announced by the doctor of the national team Edward Bezuglov, his words leads TASS. “Sure of “clean” players. Extensive work on prevention in this direction, all candidates for the team are aware of the different nuances, and we are confident that the guys will have no problems. I am sure that the doctors of the leading clubs in this issue keep the brand, otherwise the top clubs and the day will not last,” said Bezuglov. He noted that the doping control at the FIFA confederations Cup will deal with the international football Federation (FIFA). “Analysis of samples will be conducted in one of the accredited world anti-doping Agency laboratories, it can be and Lausanne, and Vienna, and Berlin. According to the regulations, the location of any team

Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party

Archive photo Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Secretary of the party Central Committee Sergei Obukhov. On Saturday, may 27, Moscow hosted the 17th report-election Congress of the Communist party, which was elected a new Central Committee and control Commission. According to Obukhov, Ivan Melnikov re-elected first Deputy chair Vladimir Kashin, Dmitry Novikov, Yuri Afonin — Deputy. During the Congress, Zyuganov did not rule out his participation as a candidate of the Communist party in the presidential election in 2018. According to him, the electoral race will be held “in the face of rising public discontent.” March 1, “Izvestia”, citing sources in the presidential administration reported that Zyuganov could abandon the presidential campaign. It was noted that he wants to leave the post of Chairman of the Communist party. Presidential elections will be held in March next year. About intention

Sicilian police dispersed opponents of the G7 tear gas

Italian police have used lethal weapons to disperse opponents of the summit “the Big seven” in the Sicilian town of Taormina. According to Reuters, the activists of leftist movements clashed with the police, and security forces were forced to use batons and tear gas. After one and a half thousand demonstrators demanding from the leaders of “seven” to pay more attention to the interests of ordinary people peacefully marched through the streets of the resort suburb of Giardini Naxos, a group of about a hundred people separated from the crowd and tried to break through the cordons. Many of the protesters were seen Soviet symbols. It is noted that the G7 leaders left the territory for meetings before the incident. The two-day summit “the Big seven” was held in Italy ended on may 27. It was attended by leaders of the United States, France, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan.

For the dead in Saratov instead of the hearse came a truck with “Good Burenka”

In Saratov for the deceased pensioner instead of a hearse truck arrived with a plant is “Good Burenka” reports “Region64”. Deceased may 15 in Saratov the man, the relatives decided to bury in his home village Bazarniy Karabulak. For this, they turned to ritual Agency “Sokolova O. V.”. “We decided that the body was put in a hearse and you will accompany him. But there it was! We were provided with a cargo “Gazelle” with a jaunty is the Saratov dairy plant “Good Burenka”,” — said a relative of the deceased. In addition, she said, came the brigade, which was to immerse the body in the car, and the driver “gazelles” has refused to help. In the ritual Agency the woman said that a team she didn’t order. The woman had to pay to replace the car and sent people. It is noted that the relatives appealed to the Prosecutor’s

Luzhkov began production of the cheese “Honey Luzhki”

Yuri Luzhkov The economy of the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov in the Kaliningrad region farm “weeder” started producing cheese under the brand name “Honey Luzhki”. On Friday, may 26, reports TASS. Major areas of production are soft cheeses such as brie and Camembert. The first, trial batch of cheese type Adyghe made by May 9. “Next we plan to produce hard cheese, up to Parmesan production,” — said Luzhkov. Equipment for cheese factory was purchased in Slovenia. But for production uses only its own raw materials, said the former Moscow mayor. It is assumed that when at full capacity the plant can produce 150-200 kilograms of products per day. It is planned to sell cheese to stores in Kaliningrad region. “I’m sure the demand for our product,” — said Luzhkov. About the plans of the former mayor to launch production of analogues of Parmesan, Roquefort, mozzarella and other

The ethics Commission scolded Milonov for a scuffle with LGBT activists

Otari Arshba The ethics Committee of the state Duma criticized the behavior of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov (“United Russia”) on the may day March in St. Petersburg, said its Chairman Otari Arshba. His words leads to “Interfax” on Friday, may 26. “We’ve had private conversations with a colleague Milonova. (…) And we at first decided to “specify”. If it happens again, we agreed on the Board that we will invite him and we will understand,” said Arshba. According to him, the MP has already received four complaints, and in every statement referred to his “offensive statements”. May 12, the St. Petersburg branch of the “Open Russia” the Duma has asked the ethics Committee to evaluate the actions of Milonova at the may meeting. According to the representative of the organization Anastasia Burakova, he insulted the members of the LGBT column, in particular, promised to “immerse them in the Stolypin car.”