Russia has called on NATO to abandon confrontation with Russia


RIA Novosti

Moscow urges NATO before it is too late to abandon attempts to build relations with Russia in a spirit of confrontation, said Russian foreign Ministry.

“Russian-NATO relations are in the deepest since the end of the cold war crisis. The Alliance unilaterally froze all projects of practical cooperation in areas of shared interest, which were provided by the above-mentioned documents and has made a significant contribution to ensuring European security. Words agreeing with the need to eliminate dividing lines on the continent, the Western countries made a choice in favor of “closed” datacentric security architecture. A continuation of this policy was a long-term course on the political and military “containment of Russia”. Its direct consequence is a growing potential for conflict in the Euro-Atlantic region”, — stated in the message the Ministry of foreign Affairs released on Friday.
“The growing negative trends – not Russia’s choice. This is a direct result of years of destructive line of the block, aimed at the achievement of the reckless military and political domination in European and world Affairs. And it is too late, you need to stop trying to build relations with our country in the spirit of schemes and mechanisms in the era of confrontation”, — stated in it.

The foreign Ministry stressed that Moscow is convinced of the possibility to reach effective discussion of public problems. “The main thing here is awareness of the realities, depoliticized understanding of current processes and the ability to look beyond the horizon today in the interests of not only “a select club of countries”, but without exception, all the peoples of Europe”, — stated in the message.