Offered an unexpected explanation for the lack of extraterrestrial civilizations

Philosophers Anders Sandberg from Oxford University (UK) and Stuart Armstrong and Milan Sarcevic of the Institute for the future of humanity (Serbia) have proposed an explanation of the Fermi paradox (nenablyudaemo humanity aliens). Corresponding Preprint of the study is available in edition “”.

The authors suggested that “the hypothesis of summer hibernation”, according to which the reason why mankind does not observe the manifestations of the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations, is that the latter are currently inactive because waiting for the “future space er”.

Scientists assume that in the Universe there are many alien civilizations that have arisen previously on earth. Over time the first reached the level of development in which (in the modern Universe) further modernization of civilization is extremely limited. These aliens, according to the authors, may come in contact with each other, but is unobservable to humans.

The Fermi paradox is the lack of visible signs of alien civilizations, which, if any, would have to settle on the Universe over billions of years of its existence.

There are several works in which it is assumed that the development of the Universe is cyclical in nature. For example, in the theory of Penrose age (EON) is separated from other the Big Bang (here it refers to the transformation of the entire mass of the Universe into energy, accompanied by changes in the geometry of the world). This theory has not yet received experimental verification.