The Curse Of Alexander Demyanenko. The star and the fatal role of Shurik

The Curse Of Alexander Demyanenko. The star and the fatal role of Shurik

People’s artist of the RSFSR Alexander Demyanenko played more than 100 movie roles. But for the audience, he was and will forever remain a Shura of the famous and still beloved comedies directed by Leonid Gaidai.

The actor was born may 30, 1937 in Sverdlovsk. After graduating from school and studied for six months in law school, Demyanenko realized that childhood dream of becoming an actor is becoming more and more attractive to him. And went to conquer Moscow. Moscow surrendered under the onslaught of a talented provincial, and Demyanenko mother sent to Sverdlovsk telegram: “Victory! Accepted to GITIS and Shchukin. Remain in GITIS”.

Filming Alexander was still a student, and very successful. Perhaps, if we’re talking about the set time “to Shurik”, the greatest interest with the participation Demyanenko are the paintings by famous film Directors Alexander Alov and Vladimir Naumov. The young actor starred in the masters in the movie “Wind” and “the World incoming”. Then there were paintings of other Directors — “Dima Gorin’s Career” “State criminal”, “Adults children”, “Employee CHK”.

Nevertheless, despite all the played role, of national fame at Demyanenko was not even close. It came after the legendary films Gaidai “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, “Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures”. For the role of Shurik brunette Demyanenko repainted in blond. Art demanded of an actor in the truest sense of the word victims: according to the memoirs of the wife of the actor, the infinite “becoming blond” in the end provoked blisters on the skin — so bad was the hair dye.

“Shura, vodka you will be?”

Films Gaidai at once became a popularly loved. Watched them many times, about the characters come up with jokes, jokes of the characters knew all Union. Who would have thought that such success, such fame is a curse on Demyanenko and make him a hostage of one image for life? It ceased to be called by name, which caused the artist a terrible irritation.

Everyone on the street could come to the Studio and punch him on the shoulder, to invite to drink: “Shura, the vodka will you?” The famous actor was a wreck and he rudely replied: “I to you not Shurik and Alexander”. All this gave rise to rumors that Demyanenko zazvezdilsya, conceited.

And actually, being a reserved and very modest, he just could not stand familiarity. So I try to get away from this excessive love of folk — walked the streets only in black glasses, I tried to have some time to spend in the country, where listening to your favorite classical music, went to some activities only in the rarest of cases.

But the worst started later — the actor has ceased to invite to the movies for important roles.

After the famous movies of Gaidai Demyanenko was filmed very much but in a completely insignificant episode in the film “Gloomy-river”, “the humpbacked Horse”, “tales of the old magician”, “the Green van” “the singing Teacher”. The Directors explained Demyanenko, even if they play exciting, challenging title role, still the spectator says: “this is Shura”.

Of course, lack of demand is incredibly depressed Alexander. Began to circulate rumors that Demyanenko abusing alcohol. Finally finished off that new head of Comedy Theatre, where he served, said that he sees no need for Demyanenko on stage. Then the actor had his first heart attack.

The voice gave Belmondo

And still, Demyanenko was trying to hold on and sought for a use — played in performances of theatre “the Shelter of comedians” has become an acknowledged master of dubbing — his voice was superb, expressive. Few people know that voice Demyanenko many years, “said” Robert de Niro, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif and other foreign stars.

And yet he wanted to play. And to play something new, “not his wife” because this character was Demyanenko already in the throat. He admitted in an interview: I’m 60, and I still Shura for all.

Perhaps the main illustration of the actor’s despair was that Demyanenko — the master of subtle psychological games — took over the role in the first Russian sitcom “Strawberry”, it gained incredible criticism from colleagues, who spoke about the TV series: “Cheap, tacky”. This was to the ego Demyanenko, heart problems worse. During one of the shooting days of “Strawberries” the actor had detached retina that needed surgery. After the actor is very heavily restored, naughty heart. He got suspected stomach ulcer in the hospital, and there it turned out that he had a second heart attack.

The doctor insisted that Demyanenko need coronary angiography. Scheduled for surgery on 23 Aug 1999. But on 22 August the actor was gone. He was buried at the Serafimovskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg. Conduct of the actor in the last journey of hundreds of spectators.