Chinese children get fat the fault of the grandparents

Chinese children get fat the fault of the grandparents

One of the main causes of childhood obesity in China are grandparents pampering their grandchildren. So say researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Center for control and prevention of diseases Guangzhou, set forth its findings in the journal PLoS One.

Parents and school staff members in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, who are gathered scientists link childhood obesity with the lack of healthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The children of indigenous residents to be overweight, because of the evil influence of grandparents, the opportunity to eat at school and lack of time for physical activity.

Many respondents noted that the representatives of the older generation specially fattened children. “They have an outdated concept, the researchers said one of the residents of Guangzhou. They believe that fat is a sign of health.” “Our child always gets fat when goes to grandparents for the holidays, and then returns to his normal weight during the study”, said another.

In families, recently migrated to Guangzhou, another problem: the grandparents stayed at home, and for children there is no one to follow, while adults are at work. Unattended children eat too much, walk a little and the result is also fat.

In 2016, it was reported that the proportion of Chinese children are obese, reached 17.2 percent of boys and 9.11 percent in girls.