Three people died as a result of the collision of an SUV into a crowd in Massachusetts

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As a result of the collision of an SUV into a crowd in Billerica (Massachusetts, USA) three people were killed and another nine were in the hospital. On Wednesday, may 3, reports the local Fox News channel.

Christina Hager (@HagerWBZ)
03 may 2017, 15:47

The incident occurred in the course of the automobile auction, held in 30 kilometers from Boston. SUV Jeep Cherokee suddenly accelerated and drove through the people, until he crashed into a concrete fence. The driver, who is an employee of a trading platform, was not injured.

The state police said that “at the moment nothing points to a terrorist act”. According to the guards, “all the information suggests that it was an accident”. Presumably, the driver lost control. His name is not mentioned, it is known that he was more than 70 years.

April 7 at Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street of Stockholm — truck crashed into the crowd. The car stopped after he entered the window of one of the stores. According to recent reports, four people were killed, another 15 were injured. Prime Minister Stefan lofven said that the incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.