Interpol stopped search of the ex-President of Ukraine Yanukovych

Interpol stopped search of the ex-President of Ukraine Yanukovych

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU Interpol confirmed that he stopped the investigation of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his son Alexander, the press-Secretary of the Yanukovych Yuri Cuirassiers.

“Interpol has documented that was taken off the wanted list ex-the President Yanukovych. The document refers to the fact that against Yanukovych in the database structure is no so-called “red card”,” wrote Cuirassiers on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to him, Interpol confirmed that Yanukovych is not subject to a Red notice or Special request about the arrest, and that his data do not exist in the Interpol database.

The cuirassier also has published in social networks a photocopy of the relevant answers regarding Interpol Yanukovych and his son.

“This response was followed by a requirement of law firm JHA LLP, which serves the interests of Yanukovych, to release information that ex-Ukrainian President is wanted by Interpol. Thus, Interpol has confirmed the fact that the criminal proceedings against Yanukovych were politically motivated,” — said the spokesman.

In addition, according to him, Interpol has decided to remove from its database all the information about Yanukovych, “which were not previously disclosed in the investigation, but the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine sent a request to Interpol”.

The speaker of the National police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo in the comment to the edition “Ukrainian truth” confirmed that Interpol has stopped the investigation of the former President. According to him, the relevant information is entered in the national Bureau of the Commission for control over files Interpol.

He added that the Commission also ordered the Interpol General Secretariat to delete from the database of wanted Yanukovych and all information in relation to his son Alexander.

As reported, Interpol announced Yanukovych on the wanted list at the request of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office on January 12, 2015, but in connection with the appeal of the information about the violation of article 2 and article 3 of the Constitution of Interpol, the Commission for control over files Interpol has suspended access to information in the accounting of the General Secretariat of Interpol on the international wanted list Yanukovych .

19 January 2017 head of National Central Bureau of Interpol in Ukraine Vasily Captivity reported that the Interpol at the meetings of the Commission for control over files 26-29 January can consider renew international wanted list ex-the President Victor Yanukovych.