North Korea denounced a remote assassination attempt on Kim Jong-UN

North Korea denounced a remote assassination attempt on Kim Jong-UN

Authorities defused a terrorist group that planned to poison the head of the country, said the DPRK.

Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU a Terrorist group that prepared the assassination attempt on DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN revealed in North Korea, said the North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Hyung Jun.

According to him, attempt using poisonous substances were prepared according to the instructions of intelligence services of the US and South Korea.

“Was unmasked a criminal group, which was implemented in our country, the CIA and state intelligence service of South Korea for the perpetration of state terror using biological and chemical weapons against our leadership,” the Ambassador said at a press conference in Moscow on Friday.

According to Kim Hyun-Jung, a criminal group was created in 2014, the final preparations for the assassination was carried out in March-April 2017.

The Ambassador noted that, according to North Korean authorities, the idea of terrorists involves the poisoning of the country’s leadership in the remote way, and the effect of this poisoning was to follow six months later.

In early January 2017, the Agency “Yonhap” reported that the U.S. special forces and armed forces of South Korea will form a special unit whose purpose would be the elimination of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN in case of war with North Korea. According to the Agency, it was planned to create a detachment numbering one or two thousand people, whose tasks will include not only the assassination of Kim Jong-UN, but also neutralization of all senior political and military leadership of the DPRK.

First plans the elimination of the North Korean leader Seoul announced after September 2016 Pyongyang conducted the most extensive in its history of nuclear testing. The power of the explosion was larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.