In Rome there were two explosions

Photos from the scene Two explosions occurred in Central Rome on Friday, may 12. Allegedly worked improvised explosive devices, reports Reuters. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. The bomb was laid between two cars parked in the Parking lot at the post office. One car was damaged. As noted by RIA Novosti with reference to the TV channel Rainews24, as one of the pre-release is considered a protest rally of the local anarchists.

Kosachev noted that the lack of common sense in Poroshenko

Petro Poroshenko The expectations of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union, the residents of Donbass and Crimea will try to return for the Ukrainian passports, evidence the lack of conscience and common sense. This view was expressed by Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev on his page in Facebook on Friday, may 12. “Visa-free regime with the EU, apparently, finally knocked the remnants of conscience and common sense of the Petro Poroshenko. That is, for the inhabitants of the South-East of Ukraine, according to Poroshenko, an opportunity to travel to the EU for Ukrainian passports, exclusively for tourism purposes, it is vitally more important than the preservation of historically established social, cultural, economic and political ties with Russia,” wrote the Senator. He also advised Poroshenko not to judge by yourself. On 11 may the

The court forbade the master to walk that bit the boy’s buttock lioness Maya

The Engels district court of Saratov region has banned the owner to walk the lioness, who previously attacked the teenager. Therefore, the requirement of local authorities is granted. It is reported by RIA Novosti. “[The court] has decided to ban Ereano the Energy G. to carry out a range of wild animal — lioness Maya — the common areas,” the judge read out the operative part of the decision. The motivation part will be prepared by may 16. Then within a month the decision may be appealed. In April, the lioness pounced on a 15-year-old boy on one of the Central streets of Engels. The student was taken to hospital with a diagnosis of “bitten wound of the buttocks, thighs and right hand”. Injuries were not serious. The administration of the Engels district filed a lawsuit to the owner of Maya banning the walking of a wild animal in the

Rosobrnadzor suspended the licenses of three universities

Rosobrnadzor on the results of inspections has suspended the licenses of three private universities. This was reported on the Agency’s website on Friday, may 12. We are talking about the Ural financial and law Institute (Yekaterinburg), Moscow regional humanitarian Institute and Krasnoyarsk branch of Russian University innovation education. In addition, the state has deprived of accreditation of the International Academy of business and new technologies (Yaroslavl) for the bachelor in “Jurisprudence”. In March, the Rosobrnadzor banned admission of students in three universities: Irkutsk state agrarian University named after Izhevskogo, Saint-Petersburg state Institute of film and television and Orel state agrarian University named after parachini. The reason for this was the failure of the regulations of the Department within the established deadlines. License to conduct educational activities confirms the right of the University to the provision of appropriate services. In case of cancellation, the University is obliged to cease the educational

Politico: organized cyber attacks worldwide hackers use NSA

Politico: organized cyber attacks worldwide hackers use NSA WASHINGTON, may 12. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. Organized cyber attacks around the world the hackers used spyware software, which is alleged to have used national security Agency USA (NSA). This was reported by us newspaper Politico. According to her, the attackers demand a ransom for restoring computer networks, used spyware which was distributed earlier by a group of hackers, acting under the pseudonym Shadow Brokers. They claimed to have gained access to the allegedly developed by the NSA programs. FOR, according to the assurances of the Shadow Brokers aimed at hacking into computers, running the operating system (OS) Windows Microsoft. With them any user with sufficient technical knowledge could harm millions of users of this OS, say the hackers. The programs also allow you to crack firewalls and steal electronic data. These remedies are used for attacks against large companies or government

“Kaspersky lab” detected 45 thousand attempts of cyber attacks companies

“Kaspersky lab” detected 45 thousand attempts of cyber attacks companies MOSCOW, may 12 — RIA Novosti. “Kaspersky lab” on Friday has registered over 45 thousand attempts to infect cryptography program in 74 countries worldwide, with the greatest number of attempts of infiltrations is observed in Russia, told RIA Novosti in the company. Experts antivirus company has analyzed the information on infections cryptography program, called “WannaCry”, which 12 may have faced companies around the world. The analysis revealed that the attack occurred through well-known network vulnerability Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17−010, said, “Kaspersky Lab”. “For decryption the criminals demand a ransom to be paid in the amount of $ 600 in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At the moment, “Kaspersky Lab” recorded around 45 000 attempts of attacks in 74 countries around the world. The greatest number of attempts of infiltrations is observed in Russia”, — said the representative of the company. To reduce

SK and the interior Ministry denied the information about hacking attacks on their servers

SK and the interior Ministry denied the information about hacking attacks on their servers Servers agencies are working in normal mode. MOSCOW, may 12. /TASS/. The representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko has denied the information about the hacker attacks on the internal network of the RF IC. “Any hacker attacks on the resources of the Investigative Committee was not. Everything works in a regular mode”, — said Petrenko. Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia also has not documented evidence of hacker attacks on computer systems in the Agency, she works in a regular mode, reported TASS a source in the police. “Any hacker attacks is not fixed. As of 20:00 MSK unified system of information-analytical maintenance of activity of the Agency has not been compromised,” said the source. At the same time on the website of GU MVD in Moscow there is a warning

Sevastopol: warships of the black sea fleet

Advertising Skip the ads {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.galleryTable_1963357.stepNow *12 +1}} – 12 from {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.gallery_1963357.sliderLength-1}} {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.galleryTable_1963357.stepNow *12 +1}} – 14 {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.gallery_1963357.sliderLength-1}} The flagship of the black sea fleet guards missile cruiser “Moscow” © Valery sharifulin/TASS Large anti-submarine ship “Sharp-witted” © Valery sharifulin/TASS The ship’s helicopter Ka-27 and a large landing ship “Nikolai fil’chenkov” © Alexey Pavlicek/TASS Small missile ship “Green Vale” © Yegor Aleev/TASS Large landing ship “Caesar Kunikov” © Alexey Pavlicek/TASS Missile hovercraft “Bora” and “Samum” © ITAR-TASS/ Stanislav Krasilnikov Large landing ship “Azov” © Alexey Pavlicek/TASS On the bridge of a large landing ship “Caesar Kunikov” © Artyom Geodakyan/TASS Small missile ship “Serpukhov” © Alexey Pavlicek/TASS Missile hovercraft “Samum” © Sergey Velichkin, Vladimir Rodionov/TASS The view from the cabin during the ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag on the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” © Vitaly Nevar/TASS Missile hovercraft “Bora” © ITAR-TASS/ Stanislav Krasilnikov The ceremony of raising the flag of the Navy on

In China will be executed for the forgery of clinical trials of medicines

In China will be executed for the forgery of clinical trials of medicines In accordance with the new interpretation of criminal law in China for counterfeiting on the clinical trial data will be put in jail or, in extreme cases, impose the death penalty. This was reported on the website of the publishing house Nature. Tougher penalties became one of the measures which are taken in China to accelerate the approval of new drugs and not put on the market the dangerous and ineffective drugs. It is “at the moment the strongest signal to developers of medicines, organizers of clinical trials, leading researchers and doctors about the fact that China is very serious about test data,” said Dan Zhang, CEO of Fountain Medical Development, helps to organize research. At this level the problem of data tampering speaking after the report’s release, the Chinese administration for quality supervision food and drug

Latvian skydiver made his first jump in the world with a drone

Latvian skydiver made his first jump in the world with a drone MOSCOW, may 12 — RIA Novosti. Latvian Ingus Augstkalns made the world’s first jump from the drone, rising to a height of 330 meters. Video of the stunt posted to YouTube. The stunt was performed in Amatcam edge. The drone flew to the site of the telecommunication tower, and then Augstkalnes caught attached to the crossbar. Typing the desired height, the athlete released his hands and opened the parachute. It is noted that the drone that was used to trick equipped with 28 engines and can lift cargo weighing up to 200 pounds. The editors of “news Mail.Ru” tells and shows the most important events 6 through may 12, 2017. And doing it in only 89 seconds.