Politico: organized cyber attacks worldwide hackers use NSA

Politico: organized cyber attacks worldwide hackers use NSA

WASHINGTON, may 12. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. Organized cyber attacks around the world the hackers used spyware software, which is alleged to have used national security Agency USA (NSA). This was reported by us newspaper Politico.

According to her, the attackers demand a ransom for restoring computer networks, used spyware which was distributed earlier by a group of hackers, acting under the pseudonym Shadow Brokers. They claimed to have gained access to the allegedly developed by the NSA programs.

FOR, according to the assurances of the Shadow Brokers aimed at hacking into computers, running the operating system (OS) Windows Microsoft. With them any user with sufficient technical knowledge could harm millions of users of this OS, say the hackers. The programs also allow you to crack firewalls and steal electronic data.

These remedies are used for attacks against large companies or government agencies. The virus “infects your computer, encrypting all the files on it”, extends across the associated with a computer network and allows hackers to remotely control it.

Earlier, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the cyber attack that occurred in Spain, spread to the international level and affected many States. According to her, the number of facilities of the National health system (NHS) of great Britain was under attack, which is also on different levels affecting Russia, USA, Canada, China, and Italy. Experts do not exclude that the list may indicate up to 75 States.

It is noted that we are talking about malware WannaCry (“Wannatry”). Its meaning lies in the theft of the archives with a subsequent ransom demand.