Rosobrnadzor suspended the licenses of three universities

Rosobrnadzor on the results of inspections has suspended the licenses of three private universities. This was reported on the Agency’s website on Friday, may 12.

We are talking about the Ural financial and law Institute (Yekaterinburg), Moscow regional humanitarian Institute and Krasnoyarsk branch of Russian University innovation education. In addition, the state has deprived of accreditation of the International Academy of business and new technologies (Yaroslavl) for the bachelor in “Jurisprudence”.

In March, the Rosobrnadzor banned admission of students in three universities: Irkutsk state agrarian University named after Izhevskogo, Saint-Petersburg state Institute of film and television and Orel state agrarian University named after parachini. The reason for this was the failure of the regulations of the Department within the established deadlines.

License to conduct educational activities confirms the right of the University to the provision of appropriate services. In case of cancellation, the University is obliged to cease the educational activities.

The presence of the University of the certificate of state accreditation confirms the compliance of its activities to educational standards. However, in the case of suspension of accreditation an educational institution can continue to conduct educational activities, but loses the right to issue diplomas of the established sample of the Ministry of education and to provide students with a reprieve from the army.