Israel freed has lived 14 years locked up boy

In the Israeli city of Hadera freed 14-year-old boy whose parents from birth were locked up. On Friday, may 12, reports BBC News.

The child told the police that he was led from the house to the yard once or twice a month, usually at night. It is also noted that sometimes the boy was kept in a cage on the balcony.

The parents of the child arrested. According to them, they kept son locked up, fearing for his health.

As writes BBC News, the neighbors repeatedly complained to the local authorities on the bad smell of the apartment. One of the residents of the house said about the baby when I saw him in the window. According to Oiknine chiko (Chiko Waknin), the teenager looked “like a zombie from a horror movie”.

“I saw his eyes and how he looked. It seemed that he had asked for my help. Then I decided to do something,” said the man.

It is reported that the child’s parents about 60 years, they arrived in Hadera from Russia in 2009. They told authorities that they had a child, and never sent him to school.