Terrorism is attributed to a certain nationality is incorrect – Zakharova


TC “Star”

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova on radio Komsomolskaya Pravda said that we should not link terrorism with certain ethnic groups.

So she answered the question about the possible introduction of the Russian Federation the visa regime with Central Asia, including in connection with the terrorist threat. She recalled that a suicide bomber About Jalilov, who had organized the explosion in St. Petersburg, was a native of Kyrgyzstan.

With regard to the visa regime: it is an interdepartmental question. The Ministry of foreign Affairs can be the counterpart in such matters, but in our country such decisions are made collectively. But I stress that linking terrorism with certain ethnic groups is wrong. It is necessary to enhance the counter-terrorism struggle, strengthen international work. But in any case not to associate terrorism with any particular nationality, – said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry.

The explosion in the train on the stretch between stations Sennaya square and Technological Institute 2 took place on the afternoon of the third of April. It killed 16 people, including the terrorist. Another explosive device found at the station Square Uprising , failed to disarm.