Kozak: amendments of the Cabinet to the bill on the renovation ensure priority to the views of residents


RIA Novosti

The amendments of the government of the Russian Federation to the bill on renovation in Moscow ensures the absolute priority of the views of residents in the decision on inclusion of the house in the program. This is stated in comments of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the government’s amendments to the bill on peculiarities of legal regulation in the sphere of housing renewal capital.

“The government’s amendment to guarantee unconditional priority to the views of residents of the house in deciding on its inclusion in a program of renovation or exclusion from the program,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Mortgage and inheritance

In addition, according to Kozak, the amendments of the Cabinet of Ministers will settle issues related to mortgage and inheritance procedure.

“The government amendments also clarifies the procedure of transfer of ownership of the dwelling, the issue of resettlement of citizens from the apartments, which are in the mortgage or in respect of which the open procedure of inheritance, establishes the legal status of specially created by the Moscow Fund renovation of housing development and management organization of its activity”, – said in comments posted on the website of the Russian government.

The use of matkapital

The amendments the government will also allow the use of maternity capital to participate in the program.

“Apartment owners have a mandate to improve housing conditions, and to purchase “additional meters” can be sent the maternity (family) capital, housing subsidies, state housing certificates” – said in comments.