MIA found no violation of the law to the facts of the investigation the FCO for Medvedev

MIA found no violation of the law to the facts of the investigation the FCO for Medvedev

GU MVD in Moscow checked the facts from the investigation FBK Alexei Navalny “you do not Dimon” and found no violations of the law, — reads the response of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of interior on the request of the Deputy Valery Rashkin. This is the first response of law enforcement agencies on the merits of the request.

No violations

On behalf of the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia, GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow checked out complaints about possible illegal actions related to the transfer of immovable property “close to the Prime Minister” Fund “Soccerproject”. During the inspection, “violations of criminal and administrative law in the competence of internal Affairs bodies, is not installed,” — said in response, Deputy interior Minister Mikhail Vanichkin at the request of the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Valery Rashkin (letter available at the office of RBC).

Rashkin March 17, sent requests to the heads of law enforcement agencies with the requirement to verify the alleged corruption of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He referred to the interest of the public movement “municipal control” to investigate the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny about “secret of estate” premiere. “More than 13 million Russian citizens watched and read the document corruption” of the Prime Minister, said in the appeal of motion to the Deputy.

Rashkin previously received answers from other law enforcement agencies, but nothing specific was said.

On 12 April, the Deputy head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Ilya Lazuta in response to the letter Rashkin pointed out that, according to the Federal law on the Prosecutor’s office, supervision of execution of laws by authorities and NGO leaders within the competence of the Prosecutor’s office. TFR redirected request to the Prosecutor General. Submitted to the Supervisory authority an appeal a month later it was “returned to the TFR as erroneously directed”.

And at the end of April the Deputy came about his request, the response from the FSB stamped “for official use only.” “Information on the issue there’s a little less than zero,” — said about this secret message Rashkin. “I was once again convinced that everything associated with corruption in the higher echelons of power for the investigative Committee, the FSB, the Prosecutor General and other security forces is a taboo, instead of investigating the facts all football request each other”, — he said RBC.

RBC expects the review of the FBC about the answer of the Ministry of interior to the Deputy.

In a statement Rashkin was not specified the alleged episodes of corruption, but only link to the film FBK “you do not Dimon,” said the Deputy head of Transparency International Russia Ilya Shumanov. “We can assume that the test and the answer was formal. Desire to sharpen the story for MIA is not, in a formal statement given the same formal answer. In a statement, the Deputy had to write, and someone who gave a bribe, what documentary evidence of the crime is,” he explained. Schumann believes that data validation FBK grounds there, but for the commencement of the case.

Now finally formulated the official position of the agencies of irregularities in the transfer of property to the Foundation “Cargospace” no, said RBC analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “The answer is predictable, but on the merits. Obviously had something to prove any of the allegations of the FBC will not work. Legally, everything is clean,” he added.

Political analyst Nikolai Mironov believes that the Prime Minister and other representatives of the elite legal status in reality is very different from that of an ordinary person. “They are de facto under the jurisdiction of the President that resembles a medieval Royal court — only the king had the right to judge his boyars,” — says Mironov. In addition, experts say, Medvedev is the former President. According to the law and after retirement it will be hard to prosecute even when there is direct evidence.

The transaction with Usmanov

In early March, the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has published an investigation, which refers to residences, farms and vineyards, which, as the authors of the investigation, in fact, belong to Medvedev. The total cost of property and land, the Prime Minister learned about it the FCO, was, according to the IMF estimates, 70 billion rubles Medvedev’s Press Secretary Natalya Timakova immediately after the investigation stated that the film FBK “is pronounced pre-election character, as he himself says.” Medvedev said the investigation into Navalny “compote”.

The investigation was the reason for the mass anti-corruption actions in cities of Russia, the largest in recent years. The majority of deputies of the state Duma voted against an investigation into the facts of the movie “He’s not Dimon” and did not support the corresponding Protocol instructions prepared by the Communist party.

In the investigation of the FBC, among other things, it was alleged that the founder of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov for free — “as a bribe” in 2010 gave a land area of 4.3 hectares and a house in the suburban village of Znamenskoye on the ruble Fund for the support of socially important state projects (“Cargospace”), which “is organized and operated by Medvedev.” The Fund is headed by Ilya Yeliseyev, a classmate of Medvedev, at the time of the transaction of the President of Russia.

“Resource-based oligarch, one of the richest Russian businessmen gave okolomatocnah Fund extremely expensive estate on the ruble. We understand what it means to be a gift: it’s a bribe. There is no other explanation why the oligarch someone gives the estate over 5 billion [RUB ], can not be”, — is spoken in the film FBK “He’s not Dimon.”

The FBC asked the RCDS to bring a criminal case against Medvedev and Usmanov, according to the article 290 of the criminal code (receiving bribes) and article 291 (giving a bribe).

As told RBC party to the transaction, Usmanov has transferred assets of $50 million to the sotsgosproyekt Foundation not for nothing, the deal with the “East Group invest” Ilya Gavrilov.

When Usmanov decided to expand their residence due to the land Gavrilova, he asked the billionaire to negotiate with Yeliseyev. As it turned out, they had a common development project with the expectation of this site. Usmanov eventually Yeliseyev agreed.

According to the contract of sale, which read RBC, “Group ist invest” received from the billionaire’s 60 million rubles for the land, equivalent to its cadastral value. The real price of the plot in the assumption can be 420-720 million rubles., estimated by RBC. As noted by General Director of “geo development” Maxim Leshchev, while the plots are often sold at cadastral value “for tax efficiency”.

In mid-April, Usmanov has filed a lawsuit against Navalny, in which he demanded to refute the information from the various investigations FBC, including about Medvedev. Consideration of the claim on the merits in the Lublin court of Moscow scheduled for may 30. Before the claim Usmanov has recorded two video with an appeal to the opponent.