A resident of Ufa tried to pay for products rounds from a Kalashnikov

A resident of Ufa tried to pay for products rounds from a Kalashnikov UFA, may 24 — RIA Novosti. Employees of Regardie Bashkiria have detained in Ufa, the man in the grocery store trying to pay for my purchases of bullets from a Kalashnikov, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Department of Regardie region Natalia Trutnev. According to her, to the control of Regardie on Wednesday received a signal “alarm, alarm” from the grocery store, which is located in the Soviet district of Ufa. “Arrived on the scene, the staff found that the seller had called the police due to the buyer, who scored in the groceries store and offered to pay for ammunition,” — said Trutnev. The soldiers of Regardie detained the man, he was repeatedly convicted 58-year-old resident of Ufa. “He had seized 15 cartridges from a Kalashnikov. The man was taken to the police Department. Solves

The HRC is concerned about the situation around the “Gogol-center”

The HRC is concerned about the situation around the “Gogol-center” MOSCOW, may 24 — RIA Novosti. The Council on human rights (HRC) is concerned about the situation around the “Gogol-center” and intend to follow the development of the investigation, which on the eve of the theater were searched, said the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, stressing that in itself creativity cannot be subject to criminal prosecution. “We in the Council was concerned over the situation of the “Gogol-center” and we believe that creative freedom is guaranteed by the Russian Constitution and by itself, creativity may not be subject to criminal prosecution. As for the investigation, which yesterday was raided in “Gogol-center”, the Board intends to carefully monitor the developments,” — said Fedotov RIA Novosti. Searches in the capital’s theater “Gogol-center” and the home of its artistic Director Kirill Serebrennikov held Tuesday in the case of embezzlement of public funds.

Friends help bats vampire to survive the loss of loved ones

Friends help bats vampire to survive the loss of loved ones Biologists from Panama, Germany and USA found that females of bats social ties with relatives who are not close relatives, help them to survive the loss of a family member. The study is published in the journal Biology Letters. Bats vampires often share food with their mothers and daughters and care for each other. In addition, they establish weaker relationships with individuals unrelated to them. Bats-vampires are very sensitive to lack of food, and help successfully pokosivshikhsya relatives for them is vital. To study the interaction of bats, the authors monitored the behavior of 30 individuals of Desmodus rotundus in over four years. Scientists for a day took away one of the animals from the colony before its return took away one of the “donors” of food (mother or daughter), and then watched as the animal to learn in

For the festival of heavy music stretched pivoprovod

For the festival of heavy music stretched pivoprovod The organizers of the festival of heavy music Wacken Open Air in Germany decided to lend to the place of events of a particular pivoprovod for visitors. The festival is held annually in August in the village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein. The number of inhabitants of the village at the usual time does not exceed two thousand people, but at the Wacken Open Air is coming up to 80 thousand visitors. Every year the festival is used by approximately 400 million liters of beer, or five gallons for every visitor. Using pivotroot bartenders can pour six cups of the beverage every second, it does not have to rely on the delivery of beer in kegs by the truckload. In previous years, because of the need to regularly ride to the event location new barrels of beer and collect empty so much pain

The court of Taiwan has recognized the constitutionality of same-sex marriage

The constitutional court of Taiwan (Shiyuan) ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. About it reports Reuters. The judge found that the current at the moment the law banning marriage between people of the same sex is contrary to the Constitution of the island, violating the rights of gays. According to the decision of Easy, the legislators have two years to amend to allow same-sex marriages. The Agency notes that this is the first decision of its kind in Asia. At the moment, same-sex marriage in Taiwan as a whole do not admit, but half of the municipalities of the island records. The project on the legalization of gay marriage was submitted to Parliament by the ruling Democratic party at the end of October 2016. It was approved in the first reading. It was planned that the final vote on the bill will take place in February 2017, but later it

In Indonesia appears antigeysky special forces

In the Indonesian province of West Java will be a police commandos who are hunting for members of the LGBT community. About it reports Reuters. According to the head of the provincial police Charlena Anton (Anton Charliyan), the new unit will include investigators and experts in counter-intelligence. Special forces will focus on hunting the gays, arranging surprise parties. According to Charlene, homosexuality is a physical and mental illness. “We hope that followers of this distortion we have in the province: neither those who are gay or those who behave in their image, — explained the policeman. — If there is any, they will have to appear before the law and subject to severe social constraints. Society will reject them”. Charlian urged all law-abiding citizens to report cases of same-sex relationships to the police. Thus a press-the Secretary of the Indonesian police, Seto Vasista (Setyo Wasisto) explained that the words of

Politicians and experts of RIAC in Moscow to discuss Russian-Chinese relations

In Moscow on 29 and 30 may will host an international conference “Russia-China: a new quality of bilateral relations”, which will be held by Russian international Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Society of Russian-Chinese friendship (orkd). According to the organizers, the event will be held in the footsteps of the successful visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China, and the experts will have the opportunity to discuss the results. “The participants put forward their proposals to the leaders of Russia and China on cooperation in the humanitarian, economic and political spheres, as well as in security issues,” — noted in the Council. Among the participants, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko, former Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia and RIAC President Igor Ivanov, the user orkd in the face of Dmitry Mezentsev and sun Tinyu, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov, Director General of JSC

Sparrows inspected the fire site in Eastern suburbs

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov flew by helicopter fire stations in the East region, followed by a meeting with the heads of departments of the Ministry of emergency situations and forestry. About it reports TV channel “360” Wednesday, may 24. At the meeting the head EMERCOM of Russia across Moscow region Sergey Politikin stated that fire season in the suburbs is laid back. “If you take the attitude of 2015-2016, the last year of 27 per cent the number of fires has decreased,” he said. The Governor in his turn noted the need to remind residents about the rules of fire safety, including what not to build fires in the woods. May 3, EMERCOM of Russia has introduced a special fire-prevention mode in 51 regions of Russia. At the end of April the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov signed a draft order on allocation of budget appropriations

Pousi police at a rally on March 26. received a suspended sentence

Maxim Baldanov The Volgograd student Maxim Boldinova was sentenced to fifteen years of probation under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Application of violence not dangerous for life, against a representative of power”). About it reports “Open Russia” with reference to the lawyer Roman Zaitsev. According to investigators, during the anti-corruption rally the convict did not like the actions of a police officer and he kicked him. 23-year-old student was detained, and later released under a recognizance not to leave. According to Boldinova, he kicked the officer, because he allegedly had committed “atrocities.” However, at trial, the student was remorseful. May 24 carpenter Alexander Shpakov, who participated in the anti-corruption rally on March 26 in Moscow, sentenced to fifteen years in a General regime colony in the case of violence against a representative of authorities. May 18, in the “case on March 26” was

Valentina Matviyenko and Patriarch Kirill was elected honorary citizens of St. Petersburg

Valentina Matviyenko and Patriarch Kirill The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko and Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill awarded the title of honorary citizens of St. Petersburg. This was announced by the speaker of the legislative Assembly of the city Vyacheslav Makarov, reports TASS on Wednesday, may 24. According to him, the vote was secret. Both candidates received 45 votes of deputies of the city Parliament (in the legislative Assembly of 50 — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). “This is a record result,” — said Makarov. For obtaining honorary titles this year were nominated by nine people, including film Director Alexander Sokurov and singer Edita Piekha. The candidature of Valentina Matvienko has proposed to the city public organisation “Inhabitants of blockade Leningrad”, the Patriarch — public organization “Council of rectors of St. Petersburg”. On April 24 the local branch “Fair Russia” addressed to the speaker of the Federation Council and