The court of Taiwan has recognized the constitutionality of same-sex marriage

The constitutional court of Taiwan (Shiyuan) ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. About it reports Reuters.

The judge found that the current at the moment the law banning marriage between people of the same sex is contrary to the Constitution of the island, violating the rights of gays.

According to the decision of Easy, the legislators have two years to amend to allow same-sex marriages. The Agency notes that this is the first decision of its kind in Asia.

At the moment, same-sex marriage in Taiwan as a whole do not admit, but half of the municipalities of the island records. The project on the legalization of gay marriage was submitted to Parliament by the ruling Democratic party at the end of October 2016. It was approved in the first reading. It was planned that the final vote on the bill will take place in February 2017, but later it was moved to may.