In Indonesia appears antigeysky special forces

In the Indonesian province of West Java will be a police commandos who are hunting for members of the LGBT community. About it reports Reuters.

According to the head of the provincial police Charlena Anton (Anton Charliyan), the new unit will include investigators and experts in counter-intelligence. Special forces will focus on hunting the gays, arranging surprise parties.

According to Charlene, homosexuality is a physical and mental illness. “We hope that followers of this distortion we have in the province: neither those who are gay or those who behave in their image, — explained the policeman. — If there is any, they will have to appear before the law and subject to severe social constraints. Society will reject them”.

Charlian urged all law-abiding citizens to report cases of same-sex relationships to the police. Thus a press-the Secretary of the Indonesian police, Seto Vasista (Setyo Wasisto) explained that the words of the head of police of West Java do not reflect the national strategy in the framework of the Ministry of interior.

At the moment in Indonesia, homosexuality is not legally prohibited with the exception of one province of Aceh, where Shariah law. According to LGBT activists, but the police in the country related to gays with hostility.

Sunday, may 21, the police of Jakarta during a RAID broke into the sauna, where, according to her, took place in a gay Orgy. Police arrested 141 people. 10 of them are in the status of suspects, in respect of the five under investigation, the 126 was soon released. However, the next day in the Indonesian media there were numerous photos of the detainees of gays, including in the Nude, as well as their names. According to police, the data in the press as the result of procedural errors.