Sparrows inspected the fire site in Eastern suburbs

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov flew by helicopter fire stations in the East region, followed by a meeting with the heads of departments of the Ministry of emergency situations and forestry. About it reports TV channel “360” Wednesday, may 24.

At the meeting the head EMERCOM of Russia across Moscow region Sergey Politikin stated that fire season in the suburbs is laid back.

“If you take the attitude of 2015-2016, the last year of 27 per cent the number of fires has decreased,” he said.

The Governor in his turn noted the need to remind residents about the rules of fire safety, including what not to build fires in the woods.

May 3, EMERCOM of Russia has introduced a special fire-prevention mode in 51 regions of Russia.

At the end of April the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov signed a draft order on allocation of budget appropriations in the amount of 143 million roubles from reserve Fund of the government. This amount will partially cover the cost of financial providing of measures on liquidation of emergency situation as a result of fires in the Siberian Federal district.