In the Mediterranean sea in full view of the rescuers drowned more than 30 migrants

In the Mediterranean sea sank the boat carrying migrants, killed more than 30 people. About it reports Reuters.

The incident occurred near the coast of Libya. The boat, aboard which were about 200 passengers, followed in Italy. It was noticed by a rescue vessel of the Italian coast guard, which was headed in her direction. When the boats approached, the boat suddenly began to tip. Was it people without a life jacket rushed into the water and swam to the side of the Italian vessel.

Most managed to escape, but more than 30 people — mostly children under the age of three — were killed. The exact number of victims is unknown, the search for bodies continues.

Simultaneously with the search off the coast of Libya is a rescue operation, according to Italian coast guard in this area is about 15 boats carrying more than 1.7 thousand people.

After overlapping the so-called Balkan route of illegal migrants across the countries of Eastern Europe came to Germany, dramatically increased the number of those who are trying to enter the EU by sea. Basically, they set sail from the Libyan coast, trying to get to Italy. From the beginning of 2017 in the waters of the Mediterranean sea has killed more than 1.3 thousand migrants. The last major incident occurred on Friday, may 19: at sea missing the boat with 150 refugees.