USA lost to Iraq and Kuwait weapons for a billion dollars

The us military reported that it had lost in Iraq and Kuwait, the weapons, ammunition and equipment worth over a billion dollars. This was stated by a non-governmental organization Amnesty International, after reviewing the documents published by the U.S. Department of defense.

According to the audit of the us military from September 2016, they have “no precise and updated data about the number and location of” a large number of weapons brought to Kuwait and Iraq for arming the new Iraqi army. We are talking about tens of thousands of machines with a total cost of $ 28 million, hundreds of mortar shells and armored SUVs Humvee, which was planned to supply the Iraqi military and fighters of the Shiite militias and the Peshmerga.

Almost all reports on storage and transfer of weapons made by hand and riddled with errors. Human rights activists recalled that a large number of American weapons have ended up in the hands of numerous armed groups fighting in Iraq, including the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. Amnesty International called on the U.S. government to improve the system of control over arms transfers.